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V3 mit DLC ist draußen
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• New Feature: Interactive holomap with mouse support, rotation, panning and automatic zoom between map levels.
• New Feature: Stations can now be built in Empty Space zones.
• New Feature: Dangerous regions that can damage your ship.
• New Feature: Crafting of special items.
• New Feature: New non-plot mission chains.
• New Feature: Employee training to improve skills.
• New Feature: Ware exchange between player ships and stations.
• New Feature: Subsystem target cycling.
• Added ability to run in first person mode.
• Added custom trade offer price settings.
• Added new kind of floating crate that must be opened by destroying locks.
• Added new trade and targeting software upgrades for the player ship.
• Added option to enable automatic refuel when ships call player if they are out of fuel.
• Added build progress display to monitor and map.
• Added option to display non-squad ships in Trade Offers menu.
• Added Patrol Zone order to continuously secure a zone.
• Added Gather Resources for mining in different zones.
• Added option to recall all drones.
• Added encyclopedia page showing station build costs.
• Added estimated profit to trade menus.
• Added default drone setups to ship dealer drone menus.
• Added encyclopedia button to trade details.
• Added shortcut display to new main menu.
• Added shortcuts for property owned, player inventory and undock.
• Added ability to rename Empty Space zones once a player station has been built there (improves new feature in 3.0).
• Added reminder to restart game after enabling/disabling extensions.
• Added new in-game statistics.
• Added new tips.
• Added localisations and voice recordings for new texts (new text in 3.0).
• Added Broadcast order button to property owned menu.
• Added new order 'Withdraw from Battle' to stop firing, fly away from enemies and wait for new orders.
• Added support for expanding/collapsing the map menu list with right/left keys.
• Added feedback when player property is attacked out of sector.
• Added Attack action to interact menu for non-player-owned ships and objects (replaces Hail).
• Added event and reputation loss when player-owned ship is scanned and has to drop illegal cargo.
• Added new achievements and statistics.
• Added ability to hack shield generators resulting in shields being drained immediately.
• Added boarding resistance display to ship info menu.
• Added estimated total price per build stage to station build cost in encyclopedia.
• Added pancakes.
• Improved gamestart balancing.
• Improved smalltalk gameplay.
• Improved smalltalk reward balancing.
• Improved hacking gameplay.
• Improved AI turret avoidance.
• Improved AI fuel station selection to reduce queues at the pumps.
• Improved AI attack behaviour on fleets of capital ships.
• Improved AI missile target selection.
• Improved small fighter attacks on big targets.
• Improved enemy target selection in non-fighter capital ships defending themselves.
• Improved police scan behaviour, giving more time to drop illegal inventory items.
• Improved duration of station response after being attacked.
• Improved positioning of highway advertising signs to avoid traffic.
• Improved price calculation and discount system to make trading viable for a wider range of wares (new base prices to come).
• Improved balancing of police licence prices, bounty rewards and mission rewards.
• Improved refuelling behaviour so that local budgets are no longer wasted on fuel.
• Improved effect on production efficiency of station employees, including skill levels.
• Improved AI engineer balancing.
• Improved holomap colour settings.
• Improved sound levels to muffle outside sounds when on a platform.
• Improved Defending/Attacking reaction time of the Defence Officer's configuration.
• Improved 'Attack Object' to not trigger negative reputation before start shooting.
• Improved AI combat movement to use the correct maximum combat range.
• Improved balancing of Teladi XL combat ships.
• Improved flight movement of boosting capital ships.
• Improved fight music so that it now also plays if a nearby player-owned object is attacked or attacks an enemy.
• Improved NPC trade ship distribution to address supply/demand inconsistencies in the default universe.
• Improved NPC mining ship behaviour for better resource distribution.
• Improved balancing of ware price ranges for more interesting trade opportunities.
• Improved balancing of resources required for drone and small/medium ship construction.
• Improved balancing of boarding gameplay.
• Improved engineer repair behaviour allowing higher-skilled engineers to repair to a higher level.
• Improved balancing of station component prices to better reflect their contribution to profitability.
• Improved balancing of chance for NPC pilots to bail out when attacked.
• Improved default follow flight behaviour for player owned ships.
• Improved 'Fly to my Current Position' flight behaviour.
• Improved feedback from player-owned ships when under attack.
• Improved audio feedback for hacking gameplay.
• Fixed occasional highway-related sound cut-out.
• Fixed builder ship positioning.
• Fixed respawning of hidden ships once claimed.
• Fixed hull sections of certain ships appearing wrecked when they shouldn't.
• Fixed further cases of production getting stuck when storage for some products is full.
• Fixed attack/defend configuration of Defence Officer not working in some cases.
• Fixed unfriendly NPCs allowing further question options after 'Where can I find...?'.
• Fixed Refuel command being displayed twice in the pilot info.
• Fixed command info showing 'Docking' when ships undocking.
• Fixed wares being listed as available for resource gathering on ships not capable of mining them.
• Fixed damage not being taken into account when selling ships.
• Fixed some wares being illegal even to Pirates, the Xenon and Ren himself.
• Fixed collection of station dropped cargo not being flagged as illegal activity.
• Fixed negative credits in logbook messages.
• Fixed missing remaining discount time.
• Fixed "unlocked" percentage being shown for player-owned objects.
• Fixed incorrect unit capacity calculation in trader menus.
• Fixed incorrect number of engines displayed in ship detail menu.
• Fixed production times in the info menu not updating.
• Fixed 'Account Updated' notification sometimes reporting double amounts, even when transferred amounts are correct.
• Fixed trades failing completely if pilot funds are not sufficient for entire amount.
• Fixed additional wares being transported if an empty transport drone is destroyed on its return trip.
• Fixed player-owned ships not completing current tasks when being added to or removed from the player squad.
• Fixed switches on platforms not working when the game was saved while they were activating or deactivating.
• Fixed ships with trade orders stuck in following player ship (stuck trades will be completed after current task).
• Fixed capital ships not shooting at some stations.
• Fixed station not attacking enemies in several situations.
• Fixed damage per second simulation for ships using missiles as weapons when player is not present.
• Fixed demolition drone ammo.
• Fixed remote controlled missiles not moving if player stops controlling them.
• Fixed mining ships potentially getting stuck when they are unable to unload their wares.
• Fixed ships not finishing planned trade trips in certain situations.
• Fixed ships behaving as though moving while actually standing still.
• Fixed ships getting stuck in highways.
• Fixed at least one cause of unexpected warping of player ship to a new location.
• Fixed cockpit camera movement not working when loading a savegame.
• Fixed missing voice feedback for some orders.
• Fixed incorrect NPC voice feedback when there are no explicit orders.
• Fixed minimum budget display not taking into account local prices.
• Fixed object positions on map when viewing a different sector.
• Fixed random initial mouse position when mouse cursor activated on platform.
• Fixed target cycling sometimes skipping a target or selecting the wrong one.
• Fixed rare case of current target being lost when cycling targets.
• Fixed problems targeting certain objects using gamepad controls.
• Fixed repaired surface elements not being targetable.
• Fixed capital ships not showing target elements directly after having been constructed, refueled, or repaired.
• Fixed incorrect rotation of target element for collectible items.
• Fixed several other rare problems with target elements.
• Fixed various problems with "re-pinging" of mission targets.
• Fixed various problems with crosshair information display.
• Fixed Ability menu not updating if new drone is installed while menu is open.
• Fixed slider range for drones on small ship trader.
• Fixed flickering of buttons in Ability menu with mouse controls in some cases.
• Fixed case where buttion in Ability menu could get stuck in the active state.
• Fixed mouse-selection problems in dialog menu in certain cases.
• Fixed several minor issues with crosshair display.
• Fixed several other minor menu behaviour issues.
• Fixed shield values not being maintained over savegames (only applies to new savegames).
• Fixed mining order being available for CVs when it shouldn't.
• Fixed map mode showing ships in construction when it shouldn't.
• Fixed inventory menu not selecting the correct line after crafting.
• Fixed non-fighter small ships engaging fights even if they don't have fire-power.
• Fixed stations not becoming enemies when attacked by player-owned ships.
• Fixed price calculations for stations with build modules.
• Fixed stations not removing ammo offers if they no longer have any operational ammo-users.
• Fixed missing temporary reputation loss notification.
• Fixed command info on 'Attack Object' order.
• Fixed 'Attack Object' not attacking the target in several situations.
• Fixed stations/ships in different zones not being selectable for attack order • Fixed small fighters not moving when player is not present.
• Fixed damage applied when player is not present.
• Fixed incorrect hull percentage display for ships when player not present.
• Fixed some cases of lights "popping" when player turns while close to an object.
• Fixed looping ability menu sound when pressing Alt-Tab in fullscreen.
• Fixed UI animation issues when capturing videos with fixed framerates.
• Fixed missing M-sized docks on various stations.
• Fixed infopoint location on xenon station.
• Fixed excessively bright lights in Albion interiors.
• Fixed missing engine descriptions on Teladi ships.
• Fixed missing explosion/schield effects on several engines.
• Fixed texture seam in local highways.
• Fixed mirrored text on several ships.
• Fixed engineer repairing first item after a pause almost instantly.
• Fixed stations not attacking enemies in some situations.
• Fixed rare case of player ship being invulnerable after using remote control.
• Fixed "ghost" cargo in storage that is wrecked and later repaired when player not present.
• Fixed boarding sometimes being missing from the interact menu.
• Fixed ability menu showing wrong reason for drones being unavailable during highway flight.
• Fixed UI-animation issues when capturing videos.
• Fixed 'Transfer Wares' command in several situations involving small and capital ships.
• Fixed cancelling intro conversations not cancelling the rest of the intro properly.
• Fixed lipsynch in certain conversations.
• Fixed transport drone arm pickup animation.
• Fixed another case of multiple ship dealers on one platform.
• Fixed stations sometimes offering to buy missiles for their turrets even though their ammo storage is full.
• Fixed possible rare case of some station component rotations not having been corrected in a previous update.
• Fixed NPC distribution on DLC stations when loading savegames from very old versions.
• Fixed case where mass traffic networks could get stuck forever.
• Fixed case where mission could get stuck if the player hit Escape during the mission briefing.
• Fixed case where mission could fail when giving crafted item to client.
• Fixed case of incorrect view after conversation ending.
• Fixed externally triggered music playing over fight music.
• Fixed missing option to clear shopping list.
• Fixed multiple cases where interact menu did not show certain actions if an object changed ownership (e.g. when the player claimed/boarded/sold a ship).
• Fixed Smart Defence button being available even if you had no drones.
• Fixed victims of attacks being excessively tolerant when the player is not present.
• Fixed rare issue with displaying hull values in the drone HUD.
• Fixed drone hacking of ships.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes and UI freezes, and improved crash reporting.
• Optimisations resulting in performance improvements, especially in busy areas.
Kurze Frage:

Meint ihr es ist möglich dieses Spiel zu spielen ohne zu handeln und viel auf stationen rumzulaufen, andere Schiffe zu kaufen und sich Schiffskapitäne/personal anheuern zu müssen?

Ich würde gerne so spielen, dass ich einfach nur mein Schiff stetig verbessere und Kampfmissionen fliege sowie den Raum erkunde. Für alles andere habe ich schlicht keine Zeit. Kein Smalltalk, rein rumärgern mit irgendwelchem Personal, kein einlesen in das Handelssystem und den Markt.

So richtig casual gamer mäßig halt. Ich weiß, eigentlich ist das Spiel nicht dafür konzipiert. Aber ich habe nunmal einfach keine Zeit mehr dafür mich wirklich lange und tiefergehend mit so nem Game zu befassen.
Du kannst als Pirat spielen, sprich andere (Handels)Schiffe kapern und die dann einfach verkaufen. Um ein wenig Handel wirst du aber nicht herum kommen, denn die Ware die du kaperst musst du ja irgendwie verkaufen.
Ich habe es ehrlich gesagt noch nie ausprobiert, da ich den Weg über den Handel immer spannender fand :daumen:

Stell deine Frage doch mal im offiziellen ES Forum
Ich denke da gibt es andere Spiele. Schau dir doch mal StarCitizen an, an Weihnachten soll der Arenacommander 1.0 kommen. Was man da bis jetzt spielen kann ist sehr Arcadig und kurzweilige Matches.
Das Kapern ist eine gute Idee. Das bisschen Handeln werde ich denke ich verkraften. Letztendlich geht es mir da ja auch nicht um Bestpreise, sondern nur darum den kram schnell zu verticken :ugly:

Star Citizen besitze ich schon. Prinzipiell geil, aber zum jetzigen Spielestatus kann man da wenig reißen, außer man kauft sich für teures Geld gute Schiffe. Mit ner Aurora macht das keinen Spaß...
Yeah, aus X-Rebirth ist echt mal überraschenderweise noch was geworden.
Habe zuletzt mit der 2.0er Version wieder neu angefangen und exessiv gezockt.

Bin auf die 3er Version echt mal gespannt, aber hab im neuem Heim noch immer kein Inet für das Update! :heul:

X-Rebirth ist für Dein Vorhaben wohl zu komplex. Man kommt schnell an seine Grenzen wenn man sich ohne Interaktionen, Bau, Flottenmanagement und wenig Zeit damit auseinander setzen möchte. Zumal, was will man mit der ganzen Kohle dann auch anfangen im Game?!

Das Räubern von Frachtern ist im letzten Spiel auch meine Taktik gewesen um an Ressourcen und Credits für den Bau zu kommen. Es funktioniert also recht gut.
Das Spiel entfaltet allerdings seine Pracht erst wenn man sich intensiv damit beschäftigt und erkundet. So weis man dann irgendwann die ganzen Features einzusetzen um ein eigenes Imperium zu schaffen.
Man braucht viel Geduld, aber für mich ist es eines der besten OfflineSpaceSims. :daumen:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
X-Rebirth ist für Dein Vorhaben wohl zu komplex. Man kommt schnell an seine Grenzen wenn man sich ohne Interaktionen, Bau, Flottenmanagement und wenig Zeit damit auseinander setzen möchte. Zumal, was will man mit der ganzen Kohle dann auch anfangen im Game?!
Das Problem ist, ich hab das Spiel halt schon...^^
Damals als ichs gekauft hab (am Releasetag...) wars halt noch zu unfertig, aber ich hatte Zeit. Heute ists wohl fertig, aber ich hab keine Zeit mehr mich damit auseinanderzusetzen. Aber in den Semesterferien werde ich dem Spiel wohl nochmal eine Chance geben. Sollte nicht Star Citizen oder gar Elite dazwischen kommen.
Schon ist das nächste Update da:

In our final release for 2014, the 3.10 update fixes a few issues that have been reported in 3.00. Happy holidays!

• Fixed problem with mission chains where no reward being given would result in the entire chain being failed.
• Fixed hacking mission with fewer than 6 target points being impossible to complete.
• Fixed player-owned ships in Teladi game start having no actions running.
• Fixed excessively long timeout for stuck ware exchanges (further fixes to prevent it happening to come in a future update).
• Fixed cockpit walk-in animation not stopping when quitting a cutscene early.
• Fixed cockpit placement on Omicron Trade ship obstructing a shieldgenerator.
• Fixed unreachable crate on ship platform.
• Fixed floating adsign on Omicron station.
• Fixed hull value of Albatross XL (Liquid).
• Fixed loss of "volatile" crafting wares when using external view or after loading savegame.
• Fixed rare ships appearing with "(Remove) Teladi Pirate" in their name.
• Fixed missing hull sections in certain ships since 3.0.
• Fixed UI/control lockup if autopilot is deactivated from within a menu.
• Fixed some more causes of potential crashes and improved crash reporting.
Ich hab das Spiel jetzt auch. Fliegen im Highway ist gewöhnungsbedürftig. Aber. Bin ich zu doof zum andocken? Mit den Tasten funktioniert es nicht.
Du brauchst nur zu einer Station zu fliegen (siehst du am Symbol) und wenn du nah genug dran bist, machst du auf das Icon einen Doppelklick und wählst "andocken" aus.
Ich weiß, vorher war das viel eleganter und besser gelöst.
Habs dann auch herausgefunden, mit dem richtigen Abstand geht es, sonst nicht. Und den erstmal finden, hat auch gedauert.

Das Game speichert bei mir keine Savegames ab. Weder im Steam Ordner noch in den Eigenen Dateien. Ist das normal? Nach jedem Beenden des Spiels muss ich von vorne beginnen.
Die Steuerung ist ja mal selten dämlich gemacht...

Vielleicht vereinfacht Egosoft es ja noch. Wie kriege ich am Anfang den Frachtcontainer eingesammelt? Frachtsammelmodus geht ja nicht. Über das frachtschiff ist der entsprechend Eintrag grau.
Die Steuerung ist ja mal selten dämlich gemacht...

Vielleicht vereinfacht Egosoft es ja noch. Wie kriege ich am Anfang den Frachtcontainer eingesammelt? Frachtsammelmodus geht ja nicht. Über das frachtschiff ist der entsprechend Eintrag grau.

Wenn ich mich recht entsinne war's doch einfach in den Container reinfliegen, oder täusch ich mich da? :huh:
Ging leider nicht. Selbst im Frachtmodus, den man ja wechseln kann hat es nicht geklappt. Reinfliegen geht nicht, da erklingen nur Geräusche.
Muss ich da erst Frahtdrohnen fürs Frachtschiff besorgen? Wenn ja wie heissen die? Oder geht das auch anders.
Ist wie das andocken. geht auch nur mit Glück.
Heute kam ein neuer Patch (3.20) ;)
New features and improvements:

• Added fuel info and planned trips to property owned menu.
• Added build progress info to architect order.
• Added credits due from trades to player status menu.
• Added boarding attack strength to player ship info menu.
• Added crafting progress info to event monitor when collecting crafting items.
• Added logbook entry for captured ships.
• Added killer information to logbook entry when player-owned objects are killed.
• Improved player station defence behaviour to include defence of ships.
• Improved guided missile flight behaviour when launching them.
• Improved Transfer Wares flight movement when docking and undocking.
• Improved price info in menus for ships at shipyards.
• Improved accuracy of click-recognition in mini-game.
• Improved ambient sounds.


• Fixed a case resulting in non-working highway entry gates.
• Fixed several cases where crafting wares were destroyed unexpectedly.
• Fixed cases of ships full of wares not performing correct behaviour if assigned to a station.
• Fixed ships assigned to stations not using all relevant wares when station extensions introduce new products.
• Fixed lockboxes ejecting wares when destroyed.
• Fixed rare case of missing specialists on stations in some newly-started games.
• Fixed player-owned ships reporting attacks by player.
• Fixed reputation not being lost when player-owned ships destroy objects.
• Fixed several issues with crafting missions.
• Fixed ship damage not being taken into account when selling ships.
• Fixed stuck production in some production modules in certain older savegames.
• Fixed incorrect boarding pod position when claiming an ownerless ship.
• Fixed case where damaged ships could become stuck when sold due to missing Engineer.
• Fixed command info incorrectly displaying 'Undocking' in several cases.
• Fixes clicks on zone map on objects in zones other than the current one.
• Fixed stuck holomap zoom if changing zoom direction under certain conditions.
• Fixed inconsistent behaviour when selecting gates on the holomap.
• Fixed rare case where map failed to display proper object.
• Fixed info locations not being visible while in Scanner/Hacker drone if Skunk is too far away.
• Fixed stations attacking objects that are too far away when player is not present.
• Fixed discount from "unknown faction" in certain gamestarts.
• Fixed unnecessary reputation loss events in some cases.
• Fixed some instances of overlapping text in menus.
• Fixed secondary resources usage.
• Fixed player-owned ships not reacting to neutral ships attacks.
• Fixed incorrect behaviour of ships escorting other ships when the escorted ship is destroyed.
• Fixed certain shipyards not having miner or collector drones in their inventory.
• Fixed weapon panel not showing the correct weapon for the Heavy Laser MK1.
• Fixed reversed buy/sell text in planned trips info in some cases.
• Fixed overlapping menu elements in equip drones menu.
• Fixed not being able to deploy a CV to a station which already finished construction.
• Fixed inconsistencies in ware exchange info between different UI displays.
• Fixed some cases where UI was not visible when it should have been.
• Fixed case where player could be locked out of mission offer due to UI issues.
• Fixed case where game stops accepting any input.
• Fixed UI crash in encyclopedia with very long descriptions.
• Fixed some cases of employee skills not being visible.
• Fixed mission timer not showing up in menus under certain circumstances.
• Fixed upkeep mission category being displayed if there are no upkeep missions.
• Fixed missing sound when clicking on menu close button.
• Fixed missing shield generators on Teladi Phoenix.
• Fixed missing fuel storage on Teladi Albatross (Liquid).
• Fixed problems caused by the game being installed in folders with names containing Unicode characters.
• Fixed some minor memory leaks.
• Fixed various crashes caused by issues introduced by mods.
• Fixed several causes of common crashes and improved crash reporting.
Das Game ist übrigens zzt. im Free Weekend ;)

Nicht nur das, es gibt auch einen neuen Patch :daumen:

Our latest update for X: Rebirth is now available. New features include:

• New generic missions and new upkeep missions for easier station management.
• New ships: The new Onil mining ships available in the Canteran shipyard in DeVries.
• New "Container Magnet" which helps to attract nearby collectables to the player ship.
• Easier navigation through text search field in map.
• New FXAA graphics option.

And among the many other improvements in 3.50 are:

• Improved station manager and station owned ship trade behavior.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Improved response of player owned stations to nearby player ships being attacked.
• Completely reworked Russian localization.
• Improved support for UI-modding and much more...

We also have a Free Weekend running on Steam until the 15th of March for all of our X series games, and the very first Alpha test version of X: Rebirth for Linux is available through Steam Play.
Ich habs grad ma angezockt und das Game ist echt überhaupt nichts für mich. Ich musste mich schon echt kontrollieren nicht die Beherrschung zu verlieren, da man ja nichtmal seinen Hotas gescheit einstellen kann :ugly: