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Und nun fast einen Monat später, wurde endlich der erste Hotfix für 4.13 veröffentlicht :-) Das Changelog lautet wie folgt:

The 4.13.1 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves over 70 important issues for the 4.13 release.

If you experience a bug with the 4.13.1 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.13.1

Fixed! UE-35735 Crash Occurs While Running EQS Using Add Generated Vector Node
Fixed! UE-35852 AI Move To Location zeros velocity each call, causing the AI Pawn to freeze if told to move again before reaching destination
Fixed! UE-35585 Migration from 4.12.5 to 4.13 can result in Blueprint functions losing input/ouput variables
Fixed! UE-35609 Delay nodes used in a macro cause subsequent macro calls during the delay to never complete
Fixed! UE-35728 Some files in the Git repo have inconsistent line endings on Linux
Fixed! UE-36107 Cannot create installed build on Linux
Fixed! UE-35236 Launcher installed build is missing the Documentation/Extras folder
Fixed! UE-36214 Crash in TMap struct deserializer
Fixed! UE-35884 Crash when pressing enter after a shape has closed when using the Geometry editor
Fixed! UE-35822 CRASH: Occurring in UTEditor when attempting to re-order BSP brushes
Fixed! UE-35048 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_PropertyEditor!FDetailCategoryImpl::GetParentLayoutImpl() [detailcategorybuilderimpl.h:168]
Fixed! UE-35482 Selecting a brush surface that is flush with other brush surfaces selects all of them after Building Geometry
Fixed! UE-35627 Lightmap Coordinate Index is not automatically set to 1 on import any longer with lightmap UV
Fixed! UE-35608 FBX & OBJ Files no longer Import with their UVs Depending on Software Used
Fixed! UE-36383 Crash moving a spline point after making it the root component of a blueprint
Fixed! UE-35658 Editor crash when a spline component is added to a blueprint and compiled
Fixed! UE-36096 Inifinite loop in tick task manager with tick when paused and interval
Fixed! UE-35254 Editor crashes when importing alembic asset
Fixed! UE-36121 Crash when importing new mesh and regenerating skeleton for additive animation
Fixed! UE-35546 Pose flickering when changing lods and using Layered Blend per Bone
Fixed! UE-35353 Crash when spawning destructible objects in 2 player PIE
Fixed! UE-35639 HLOD generated proxy doesn't create or assign target lightmap coordinate index any longer
Fixed! UE-35494 Invisible landscape components when using tessellation
Fixed! UE-35873 LODBias causes landscape component to stop rendering if set >0 and Forced LOD set to -1
Fixed! UE-35301 Crash saving hidden landscape streaming level with offset
Fixed! UE-35850 Crash in landscape editor with early Z pass
Fixed! UE-35709 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!FLandscapeEditDataInterface::SetAlphaData() [landscapeeditinterface.cpp:2617]
Fixed! UE-36321 Editor Crashes After Deleting Actor with Media Texture
Fixed! UE-36289 WmfMedia: Memory leak while playing videos
Fixed! UE-35477 File Media Source assets created via drag & drop have absolute instead of relative path
Fixed! UE-35504 PS4 Media player has potentially dangerous memory management
Fixed! UE-35696 PS4Media: CPU/GPU may crash due to race condition in destructor
Fixed! UE-35598 Devices reporting OpenGL ES 3.2 such as Galaxy Note 7 detect as ES2-only
Fixed! UE-35179 Need to fall back to GLES if Vulkan API version is too old
Fixed! UE-34782 GPU particles no longer work on iOS or TVOS Metal devices
Fixed! UE-33379 Cannot select Android RHI and feature level from device profile
Fixed! UE-35258 ES2 Fallback Fails on Nougat Devices that do not support Vulkan
Fixed! UE-35261 Android sessions do not appear in Session Frontend
Fixed! UE-32340 HTML5 packaging fails with Github couldn't verify LLVM version
Fixed! UE-32086 Bloom blur produces multi-colored artifacts at the bottom of the screen on Xbox.
Fixed! UE-35492 PS4 deployment does not deploy all the required files.
Fixed! UE-35743 Packaging for Android while using Online Framework and Online Subsystem Steam Plugins cause failure
Fixed! UE-35185 Opening a widget blueprint on Linux causes editor to crash
Fixed! UE-35738 IPv6 implementation is not working on IOS
Fixed! UE-30959 Remove all HITCHHUNTER warnings in next release (4.13)
Fixed! UE-36342 Texture issues with movie player active on Android
Fixed! UE-35363 Huge game window when launching onto Safari 9.1.2
Fixed! UE-35558 Writing to a file on Android doesn't update the tracked file length
Fixed! UE-35907 Slate Remote Enable Remove Server option in Project Settings -> Plugins causes editor to freeze and a memory leak
Fixed! UE-36099 Dots on screen on PS4
Fixed! UE-35794 PS4 can hang on GPU when using lit translucent surface materials
Fixed! UE-26375 Crash when editing draw size for a widget component
Fixed! UE-17227 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!DoReadTaskResults() [shadercompiler.cpp:147]
Fixed! UE-35240 Protostar crashes on launch on Mac
Fixed! UE-28708 GitHub 2188 : Fixed a crash exiting VR Preview on Windows GL4.
Fixed! UE-35320 Stop>Set Sequence>Play causes spawnables to be duplicated
Fixed! UE-35508 Master sequence dialog button is hidden
Fixed! UE-35588 Incorrect translation from matinee move sub tracks to sequencer
Fixed! UE-35285 Sequencer stop node does not return camera to player
Fixed! UE-35571 Sequence recording in standalone crashes
Fixed! UE-35107 Matinee to Level Sequence converter doesn't bind properties
Fixed! UE-22581 Black artifacts/semi-circles on sides of morpheus when moving left to right
Fixed! UE-36076 PS4Tracker's motion sensor data needs to use a valid sizeOfThis
Fixed! UE-35520 sceKernelWaitEqueue timeout in MorpheusHMD.cpp fix for 4.13.1
Fixed! UE-34986 Need to merge Oculus Online Subsystem Plugin update to expose Android support
Fixed! UE-34786 Editor primitives render incorrectly in stereoscopic with instanced stereo
Fixed! UE-35881 PSVR hmdSetupDialog cancel asserts on app startup
Fixed! UE-36307 PSVR Motion Sensors Need 120hz Update
Fixed! UE-33763 GearVR applications show black screen on Adreno devices
Fixed! UE-36078 Integrate fixes for GoogleVR SDK 1.0
Fixed! UE-35528 PSVR UE4 stuttering issue
Fixed! UE-35344 Crash when playing a HapticFeedbackEffect_Soundwave
Fixed! UE-35964 Crash playing a HapticFeedbackEffect_Soundwave with no sound assigned
Da ist auch schon die erste Preview zu 4.14 mit folgendem Changelog ;)

A Preview of the upcoming 4.14 release is available now on the Launcher and Github. We have made this Preview available so that our developer-community can help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle. Please be aware that the preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

We encourage users to check out the preview to try new features and inform us of any issues which we may not have caught. Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Known & Fixed Issues

4.14 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.14 release. We may not be able to provide additional information about updates at this time.

  • Rendering Updates:
    • A Forward Shading Renderer for VR (Experimental) that supports high-quality lighting features, enables Multisample Anti-Aliasing, and is faster than the Deferred Renderer in select projects.
      • To use this, enable ‘Forward Shading’ in the Rendering Project settings and restart the editor.
      • To use MSAA, set the default Anti-Aliasing Method in the Rendering Project settings.
      • DBuffer Decals, Dynamic shadows and Capsule shadows do not handle MSAA properly yet and may exhibit artifacts along object edges.
      • Not yet supported in the Forward Renderer:
        • Screen space techniques (SSR, SSAO, Contact Shadows)
        • Shadow casting Movable Lights
        • Dynamically shadowed translucency
        • Translucency receiving environment shadows from a Stationary light
        • Light functions and IES profiles
    • Automatic LOD generation for static meshes can now be accomplished without middleware plugins.
      • The high level settings for controlling the generated LODs are in the static mesh viewer under LOD Settings.
      • “LOD Group” provides a list of presets. These can be changed per project in BaseEngine.ini under [StaticMeshLODSettings]. The use of LOD groups is suggested.
      • If modifying details of auto generation for each LOD, they can be found under Reduction Settings.
    • Reflection Capture lightmap mixing improvements.
      • The engine mixes the indirect specular from the Reflection Capture with indirect diffuse from lightmaps. This helps to reduce leaking.
      • Lightmap mixing is no longer done on very smooth surfaces.
      • Reflection Captures and SSR match much better and it's harder to spot transitions.
      • This affects existing content - in cases where you had reflection leaking on smooth surfaces, that leaking will be much more apparent. To solve this, place additional reflection probes to reduce the leaking. Levels should have one large spherical capture at a minimum. You can also revert to the old lightmap mixing behavior with a rendering project setting: "Reduce lightmap mixing on smooth surfaces"
    • The Contact Shadows feature helps provide sharp detailed shadows at the contact point of geometry.
      • You can enable these by setting the Contact Shadow Length property. This controls the length of the ray cast in screen space where 1 is all the way across the screen. Large values can degrade quality and performance so try and keep the length to the minimum that achieves your desired look.
    • A Live GPU Profiler is available which provides per-frame stats for the major rendering categories. To use it, enter the console command: stat gpu.
      • The GPU stats can be recorded to a file when the title is running for analysis later. As with existing stats, you can use the console commands stat startfile and stat stopfile to record the stats to a ue4stats file, and then visualize them by opening the file in the Unreal Frontend tool.
    • The new Vector Noise material graph node adds several functions with 3D or 4D vector results. Due to the run-time expense of these functions, it is recommended that once a look is developed with them, all or part of the computation be baked into a texture using the Draw Material to Render Target Blueprint feature
    • NVIDIA Ansel support is now exposed as a plugin. Once you have enabled the plugin you can access Ansel in a standalone game session. Please read the included Ansel documentation for instructions on how to whitelist your in-development application.
    • A few new Material Graph Nodes have been added to the graph editor. Each is intended to improve workflow and increase readability.
      • GetMaterialAttributes - This node is a compact replacement for BreakMaterialAttributes
      • SetMaterialAttributes - This node is a compact replacement for MakeMaterialAttributes
      • BlendMaterialAttributes - This is a new node to allow easier blending of Material Attributes structures.
  • Framework Updates:
    • Animation Tools have been split into separate asset editors rather than using one editor with multiple modes. Functionality that is common to each of the editors is now generally found in the viewport.
    • Default Post-Process Animation Blueprint allows you to assign an Animation Blueprint to a Skeletal Mesh that will always be run after any Animation Blueprint assigned in the component. This allows for dynamics, controllers, IK or any other anim blueprint feature to be related to a mesh and not have to be duplicated in every animation blueprint intended to be used on that mesh.
    • The engine is updated to use PhysX 3.4, which enables a lot of features which will be exposed over time. Current available improvements: kinematic objects update faster, CCD support for kinematic objects, and faster convex hull cooking.
    • Vehicle Improvements have been made with wheel forces and the addition of SimpleWheeledVehicleMovementComponent.
    • Skeletal Mesh to Static Mesh Conversion lets you right-click actor(s) in the level viewport and convert their current state to a new Static Mesh asset.
    • Simplygon SDK integration has been updated to version 8.1.
    • Cloth Skinning improvements have been made by calculating our own mesh-to-mesh skinning data for clothing within the engine rather than using exported render data. This resolves issues where normals could sometimes appear incorrect, and there is no longer a restriction to one UV channel.
    • Streamlined GameMode and GameState Classes by adding GameModeBase and GameStateBase classes as parents of existing classes GameMode and GameState. Core features needed by all games are now in the Base classes, while legacy and shooter-specific features are in the GameMode/GameState
    • Improved Cable Component by adding simple collision, stiffness setting, sockets at each end, and the ability to set either end as "free".
    • Improved PoseDriver animation node by allowing it to drive bone transforms as well as Morph Targets, adding an option to use translation of the driving bone, and showing more information in debug drawing.
    • Virtual Bones can be added to a skeleton, which can be used to make it easier to retarget or change reference frames for controllers.
    • Child Anim Montages can be created based on a parent Montage, allowing you to replace animation clips while maintaining overall timing.
  • Core Updates:
    • Cooked builds can now use a completely new Event Driven Loader (Experimental) which is far more efficient than the old streaming code. Games using the EDL should see the load times drop by about 50%. The Event Driven Loader comes with an unified code path for loading assets. This means that all packages will be loaded using the new async path instead of the old blocking path. EDL is currently an experimental feature and is disabled by default but can easily be enabled through Project Settings.
  • Editor/Tools Updates:
    • Support has been added for editing TMap and TSet properties from the Details Panel.
      • Sets are similar to Array but Sets will ensure that all contained elements are unique.
      • Maps will have a key and a value and you can edit both within the details panel. Like Sets, all keys must be unique.
    • Multitouch Support in Windows has been added. Touch events will now be generated in Windows 7, 8, and 10 when using a touch screen. This will enable touch enabled games and experiences on new Windows tablets and also enables testing touch controls for mobile games without having to deploy to a target device.
    • Outlines on Fonts can be applied in UMG and Slate.
  • Network Updates:
    • Replication Performance has been improved by as much as 40% by refactoring how the engine replicates properties from the server to connected clients. It now shares the work for all types of properties (not only unconditional ones), which means the work done to check when properties have changed (and need to be sent) happens much less often.
  • Build Updates:
    • Visual Studio "15" is now supported, in addition to Visual Studio 2015. If you have multiple versions of Visual Studio installed, you can select which to use through the ‘Source Control’ section in ‘Editor Preferences..’.
  • Sequencer Updates:
    • The Camera Rig Crane has been updated to mimic the movement of a physical crane.
    • Record audio from a microphone while recording into a sequence.
    • Drag and drop files from your computer into the Media Player's viewport.
  • VR Updates:
    • Multiview Support (Experimental) for the Mobile Forward Rendering path improves performance by reducing hitches of instanced stereo. You can enable this under Project Settings > Rendering > VR > Mobile Multi-View, then re-start the editor.
  • VR Editor Updates:
    • Landscape Editing in VR can now occur using motion controllers.
    • You can instantly Reset the world's scale to its default by tapping the touchpad button while gripping the world. This makes it easy to get back to your "player's size" while editing.
  • Mobile Rendering Updates:
    • Mobile games ship with Vulkan support and can now be enabled or disabled using device profiles, with fallback to ES 3.1 and ES2
    • Custom Depth is now supported on mobile. Custom Post-process materials can now sample from SceneDepth and CustomDepth as well as SceneColor.
    • The Scene Capture Source settings that output Inverse Opacity and Depth values are now supported on mobile.
    • The Mobile Patch Utilities Blueprint library now included contains all the functionality required to allow a mobile game to download and install game contents and patches from a cloud website instead of being distributed as part of the initial download from the App Store. Both Android and iOS are supported.
  • Landscape Updates:
    • Landscape Mirror Tool now supports rotated mirroring to create diagonally-opposed multiplayer maps.
  • Platform Updates:
    • Amazon GameCircle Plugin for Kindle Fire is included. Enabling the plugin will provide access to a new Amazon GameCircle project settings panel under the Plugins category. Changes to the AndroidManifest.xml for Fire TV may be enabled here.
    • Initial Support for Android on Linux thanks to pull requests from the community. CodeWorks for Android from Nvidia for Linux is the easiest way to set up the NDK and SDK tools needed. In addition, OpenJDK 1.8 should be installed; set JAVA_HOME to point to your install. Please note Android Vulkan on Linux is not supported at this time.
    • SDK Updates for XboxOne, PS4, HTML5, MacOS 10.12, iOS/tvOS 10.0.
Diesmal ein kleiner Hotfix auf Version 4.13.2 welcher sich auf das fixen von kritischen Bugs beschränkt:

The 4.13.2 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves 3 critical issues with the 4.13 release.

If you experience a bug with the 4.13.2 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report on the UE4 AnswerHub. (How to Report a Bug)

Fixed in 4.13.2

Fixed! UE-37704 Crash opening packaged project on iOS
Fixed! UE-37249 MallocPoisonProxy can result in a memory stomp for aligned allocations in Debug and Development
Fixed! UE-36573 Need to update to libpng for Android; current one triggers security alert on Google Play
Die zweite Preview der Version 4.14 ist raus ;) Das Changelog sieht folgendermaßen aus:

We have just released Preview 2 for 4.14! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.14 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


Fixed in Preview 2 - CL 3179539

Fixed! UE-37496 Running EQS template in multiple modes ends up duplicating query instances
Fixed! UE-37910 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_BlueprintGraph!UK2Node_Select::GetIndexPin() [k2node_select.cpp:702]
Fixed! UE-37848 Warning packaging projects with [EditoronlyBP] in defaulteditor.ini
Fixed! UE-37852 Crash occurs when reparenting child bp with interface implementation
Fixed! UE-37642 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_GraphEditor!FKnotNetCollector::TraversePin() [sgraphpin.cpp:27]
Fixed! UE-37605 Need to deprecate/remove legacy feature (cooking editor-only UBlueprints) in support of EDL
Fixed! UE-37480 Some assets not present in Nativized package
Fixed! UE-37686 BP - Map containing a new BP instance with an AddStaticMeshComponent node must be saved twice before lighting build results will persist.
Fixed! UE-37690 BP - Removing and re-adding an AddComponent node can result in stale per-instance edits being applied to the new component instance after loading a map with per-instance edits.
Fixed! UE-37616 Rebuild and Clean options in Visual Studio fails compile
Fixed! UE-37678 UnrealCEFSubProcess requires Visual Studio 2013 to be compiled
Fixed! UE-37627 Batch files do not work with VS15 preview 5
Fixed! UE-37810 ShooterGame crashes when running with COTF
Fixed! UE-37617 Blueprint projects with EDL enabled crash on launch
Fixed! UE-37718 ShooterGame fails to compile for Test and Shipping configs
Fixed! UE-37634 Cancelling async loading is crashing the game
Fixed! UE-37752 Crash calling a function that copies and spawns an actor with components
Fixed! UE-37599 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FGenericPlatformMemory::OnOutOfMemory() [genericplatformmemory.cpp:148]
Fixed! UE-37394 Crash opening ShooterGame in Steam
Fixed! UE-37326 Failing to launch packaged 32-bit projects
Fixed! UE-36944 Crash: Once only, Access Violation when closing editor.
Fixed! UE-37590 One-off Crash after Hot-reload compile from Editor
Fixed! UE-37819 Font does not update correctly after changing font in Text Material
Fixed! UE-37519 Editor crashes when building Production lighting in QA-Materials map
Fixed! UE-37655 Failed to Zip Projects
Fixed! UE-37636 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_PropertyEditor!FPropertyValueImpl::ImportText() [propertyhandleimpl.cpp:352]
Fixed! UE-37695 Add ability to change mesh simplification plugin in editor
Fixed! UE-37466 Realtime rendering gets disabled when simulating in editor
Fixed! UE-37231 GLEO on Level Duplicate Save Attempt
Fixed! UE-37305 After syncing to Main, TextRender Actors are messed up in some cases.
Fixed! UE-37300 Undoing a blueprint class actor deletion causes the asset to have the selection border even when not selected
Fixed! UE-37267 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FModelSceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements() [modelrender.cpp:322]
Fixed! UE-37652 Adding and removing Material Curve suffixes doesn't update the import window
Fixed! UE-37838 Crash when clicking Apply when using the Brush Clip tool
Fixed! UE-36265 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FModelSceneProxy::HasSelectedSurfaces() [modelrender.cpp:538]
Fixed! UE-37923 Crash when changing Material Slot for a Section in a Skeletal mesh that has no geometry
Fixed! UE-37917 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!ExtractPropertyTextures() [fbxsceneimportfactory.cpp:204]
Fixed! UE-37853 Crash importing DensePolygon.fbx in QAGame on Mac
Fixed! UE-37418 Docking tabs is inconsistent in Mac editor
Fixed! UE-37597 Crash in Session Frontend when loading UE4STATS in profiler and picking another session
Fixed! UE-37914 Top down C++ template missing Super::Tick( DeltaSeconds ) in Character, preventing the Blueprint version from calling Tick inside of the Event Graph
Fixed! UE-37902 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UCharacterMovementComponent::GetPredictionData_Server() [charactermovementcomponent.cpp:7119]
Fixed! UE-37774 Load Game From Slot fails to retrieve saved class if class is a Blueprint Generated class
Fixed! UE-37517 Instigator incorrect when a Pawn spawns an Actor
Fixed! UE-37656 Post Processing Settings do not update in Persona when the values are changed in Preview Scene Settings
Fixed! UE-37641 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!AActor::Serialize() [actor.cpp:525]
Fixed! UE-37594 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UInstancedStaticMeshComponent::UpdateInstanceTransform() [instancedstaticmesh.cpp:1577]
Fixed! UE-37928 Crash when opening animation with notifies in Persona and then simulating animation in Viewport
Fixed! UE-37615 Twin Stick Shooter shoots incorrectly with Child Actor as Projectile
Fixed! UE-37946 Sound notify does not play in Persona if Follow is enabled
Fixed! UE-37911 Crash adding animation blueprint to skeletal mesh while sub graph input is linked
Fixed! UE-37781 Crash retargeting animation with Virtual Bone
Fixed! UE-37785 Crash trying to launch on with a skeleton with Virtual Bones
Fixed! UE-37610 BasePlaceable_INST is rendering incorrectly on money coffer
Fixed! UE-37596 Hide properties that only apply if using audio mixer
Fixed! UE-37005 Audio Stat Debug Commands Toggle Weirdly/Out of Sync
Fixed! UE-37024 Set Sound Mix Class Override still Playing Sounds in Certain Conditions
Fixed! UE-37004 stat SoundWaves listing SoundCue name instead
Fixed! UE-37745 PhysX crash on origin rebasing
Fixed! UE-37737 Crash attempting to drive a Pawn with no torque
Fixed! UE-37114 App crashes when attempting to move a physics object with the physics gun on tvOS
Fixed! UE-37085 Final bug fixes for physx 3.4
Fixed! UE-37116 App crashes when walking off the edge of the platform in QAEntry on tvOS and iOS
Fixed! UE-34740 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!EditorLevelUtils::SetLevelVisibility() [editorlevelutils.cpp:748]
Fixed! UE-36449 Editor crash when compiling the character blueprint after a PIE session with World Composition enabled
Fixed! UE-36843 Landscape UI Elements are not visible
Fixed! UE-37576 Landscape is hidden in Viewport after toggling Game Mode while viewing Player Collision
Fixed! UE-37699 Crashed with "Assertion failed" after clicking "Create Landscape"
Fixed! UE-37736 Disabling 'Use Landscape Lightmap' option Skewing Procedural Foliage Instances
Fixed! UE-37705 Hitching when Undoing a Landscape Mirror
Fixed! UE-37661 UpdateLandscapeSetup log spam when dragging WorldSettings sliders
Fixed! UE-35481 Android - No Dynamic shadows on Galaxy S4 (PowerVR)
Fixed! UE-36452 Vulkan crash when enabling threaded rendering on Android
Fixed! UE-35023 materials using depth fade do not resolve the depth before use.
Fixed! UE-31755 DOF rendering is broken on Galaxy S7
Fixed! UE-37567 Black rendering on Galaxy S4 PowerVR
Fixed! UE-37628 CustomDepth is incorrect when used in Custom PostProcess after Tonemapping
Fixed! UE-37692 QAGame crash on using SetWorldOrigin console command
Fixed! UE-21572 Crash -*Copy actor with components
Fixed! UE-37915 Editor crashes sporadically in OSX 10.12
Fixed! UE-37972 Disable ARM64 Google Play Games for 4.14
Fixed! UE-37925 Intent action not passed through from splash activity
Fixed! UE-37822 Multiple monitors bug with UE 4.14 on Mac
Fixed! UE-37800 GitHub 2886 : Android: Fix out of spec GLSL operations
Fixed! UE-37847 Android Apps Hang indefinitely
Fixed! UE-35090 Documentation button redirects to 404 error page in Match3
Fixed! UE-36436 iOS Cert and Provision not maintained after closing Project Settings on Mac
Fixed! UE-36364 Engine analytics are enabled by default on Xbox 1 causing cert failures
Fixed! UE-37680 Proguard Files missing from Codeworks 1r5 stock install
Fixed! UE-37621 (script for setting up source distribution) is broken on Ubuntu 16.10
Fixed! UE-37720 remote notifications not working on IOS
Fixed! UE-37554 Android - Need to update binaries and add Codeworks 1r5
Fixed! UE-37536 UE4Game does not exit cleanly after Launch On for Linux
Fixed! UE-37625 FixDeps runs on every build even without any changes
Fixed! UE-37530 'new' file not found errors when compiling UE4 for Linux on Windows
Fixed! UE-37446 Clang crashes when using XGE to build Linux in 4.14
Fixed! UE-37038 Xbox One Screenshot captures are corrupted
Fixed! UE-36835 Mobile Map loading times have increased from 4.12 to 4.13
Fixed! UE-37034 iOS - Project Settings - Minimum iOS Version enum needs versions below 8 removed
Fixed! UE-36796 Cook Content for <platform> fails for code projects
Fixed! UE-37018 Error when attempting to generate an SSH key for remote building
Fixed! UE-37903 Shutdown crash in FPrecomputedLightVolume::RemoveFromScene when running with USE_MALLOC_STOMP
Fixed! UE-37970 Scene capture alpha and planar reflection selective rendering broken in lower Effects scalability buckets
Fixed! UE-37927 Needs to integrate particle collision fixes for forward renderer
Fixed! UE-37861 Editor crashes in DX12 when selecting objects
Fixed! UE-37834 Once you discard a lighting build's results, you can't open other levels or build lighting again (forces editor restart)
Fixed! UE-37783 Stationary and Movable Skylight with reflection captures in Forward Rendering have inverted capture for geometry
Fixed! UE-35937 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FMaterialShaderMap::GetMeshShaderMap() [materialshader.cpp:2197]
Fixed! UE-36497 [CrashReport] Forward renderer crash when cloning a static directional light
Fixed! UE-37693 Fix origin rebasing to work with precomputed lighting data stored in separate package
Fixed! UE-37757 Vertex and Index buffers created on XboxOne have the wrong offset for subsequent writes
Fixed! UE-37722 CrossCompileTool module fails to build due to missing include
Fixed! UE-37545 Fix for recompiling global shaders for skeletal meshes
Fixed! UE-37481 Crash launching QAGame on device with iOS version 8.0.3
Fixed! UE-37584 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FPostProcessing::Process() [postprocessing.cpp:1680]
Fixed! UE-37424 Foliage culling not occurring regardless of values
Fixed! UE-37369 Crash when attempting to re-import LOD settings on a mesh that has had automatic LOD generation applied
Fixed! UE-37362 Grainy Material on Gun in FPS Template
Fixed! UE-37020 Particle System Warmup Time causing Crash with Light Module and High Quality Lights
Fixed! UE-37336 On building lighting cable actors will no longer render in viewport
Fixed! UE-37433 Crash occurs in ShooterGame when in Main Menu
Fixed! UE-37488 ShooterGame characters do not display the correct team affinity (color)
Fixed! UE-37846 EditoronlyBP settings need to be enabled for all samples
Fixed! UE-36624 Jagged edges seen on floor mesh in Sun Temple
Fixed! UE-36512 StrategyGame Arbalest trajectory remains orange when aiming into barriers or walls
Fixed! UE-37648 ShooterGame cook fails due to trying to export a UBlueprint
Fixed! UE-37535 SubwaySequencer warning repairing vertex colors due to static mesh re-imports subwaySequencer_P level
Fixed! UE-37124 Dying in air causes body to stay in air as the animation plays
Fixed! UE-37047 PhysicsBallBP and Movable Template Cubes not casting shadows when launched onto mobile.
Fixed! UE-36991 iOS SunTemple app icon displays the default unreal "U"
Fixed! UE-36913 Reflection Captures invalid on mobile.
Fixed! UE-37881 Flying Template Acceleration mapping on iOS doesn't match Template on wiki
Fixed! UE-36269 Unreal Logo in Display 3.1 Continues to Spin After Button is Turned Off
Fixed! UE-35342 Possessing character in recorded sequence
Fixed! UE-37939 Fade track applies fade to all players, regardless of whether or not they are playing the sequence
Fixed! UE-37935 Outline fonts are not measuring correctly with size to content.
Fixed! UE-37761 Crash with "Assertion Failed" following multi-selecting a second Collection while renaming the first.
Fixed! UE-36752 Launcher and Editor context / dropdown menus do not display correctly on upcoming Windows 10 build
Fixed! UE-37623 VR Preview does not render on Vive (when SteamVR launched by editor)
Fixed! UE-37742 Update headers to fix issue with starving GPU on SteamVR platform
Fixed! UE-37603 Shader compiler does not recoginize 0u on some Android devices.
Fixed! UE-37242 Buttons not being recognized in Tm-motioncontrollers
Fixed! UE-37440 Enabling GoogleVR on 4.14 will result in the editor crashing on launch
Fixed! UE-37581 Landscape sculpting when attempting to move menu panels in VREditor
Fixed! UE-37214 Enabling Foilage Mode in VR Editor breaks the pointer
Fixed! UE-37410 First-time switch to Landscape tab in VREditor causes UI Errors

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub in the 'Bugs Reports' section.
(How to Report a Bug)
Und hier ist auch schon die dritte Preview der 4.14 ;)

We have just released Preview 3 for 4.14! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.14 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.

This is expected to be the final preview before the release.


Fixed in Preview 3 - CL 3187739

Fixed! UE-38186 Crash when ENABLE_VERIFY_GL and r.MobileOnChipMSAA is enabled on Android
Fixed! UE-38137 Modifying NavLinkProxy.PointLinks.AreaClass in the editor has no effect until map is reloaded
Fixed! UE-38122 Draw Labels does not show text with EQS
Fixed! UE-37588 ENGINE: CRASH: One off Editor Crash with ANavLinkProxy::GetComponentsBoundingBox() navlinkproxy.cpp:189
Fixed! UE-38149 Editor crashes when reparenting a blueprint with an inherited interface
Fixed! UE-38198 Crash when compiling BP in Editor after hot-reloading the same BP
Fixed! UE-38059 Linux setup information on Github Readme is out-of-date for 4.14
Fixed! UE-34016 Cannot locally make installed build on Mac
Fixed! UE-37072 Include Source for additional Programs in UE4 Release
Fixed! UE-37617 Blueprint projects with EDL enabled crash on launch
Fixed! UE-37921 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_HotReload!FHotReloadModule::DoHotReloadInternal() [hotreload.cpp:886]
Fixed! UE-37794 Send and Restart from Crash Reporter Opens Project Browser
Fixed! UE-37697 Cannot click send in CrashReportClient on Mac
Fixed! UE-36493 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!USelection::Deselect() [selection.cpp:52]
Fixed! UE-38091 Disabling auto-generate collision disables collision for the entire mesh instead of using per-project default
Fixed! UE-38242 Blender file do not import correctly. Section do not point on the correct material
Fixed! UE-38098 "Assertion Failed " Crash while attempting to reopen a Widget Blueprint after closing Animation / Timeline Panels
Fixed! UE-37933 Rifles are offset in Display 1.15 when opening Content Examples Animation map
Fixed! UE-37968 "Assertion Failed" crash while Force Deleting the FirstPerson folder within FirstPersonTemplate project
Fixed! UE-38142 Crash when using undo in the preview scene settings of Persona
Fixed! UE-38224 Severe log spam when hovering cursor in the content browser after opening SK_Box_Morph_1_Anim
Fixed! UE-36050 Editor crash during Landscape sculpting on pressing Ctrl+z (Subdivision enabled in material)
Fixed! UE-36454 Vulkan crash on Android when suspending and resuming app
Fixed! UE-37472 Skeletal Mesh Collapses with OpenGL ES3.1 on Tegra K1 devices
Fixed! UE-37949 Text Actors not Rendering on Mobile
Fixed! UE-38074 Skeletal Mesh Animations do not render properly on Zenphone2.
Fixed! UE-36658 Possible CurlHttp crash on Android dedicated server
Fixed! UE-36108 Linux client and listen server hangs on GameThread when decoding voice chat
Fixed! UE-38011 PS4: Microphone symbol does not show up when players talk in ShooterGame.
Fixed! UE-38179 HTML5 Player falls through world on Firefox 64-bit
Fixed! UE-38236 Local notifcations using depreciated API
Fixed! UE-38032 Quicklaunch HTML5 fails on Chrome. Browser returns "This site can't be reached refused to connect"
Fixed! UE-37998 Game window renders transparent when launched with -game -log commands on Mac
Fixed! UE-38001 -binnedmalloc is broken on Linux
Fixed! UE-38017 PS4 Play Together online privileges check fails
Fixed! UE-37894 Crash when Building Lighting on Macs with Lighting Scenarios
Fixed! UE-38020 PS4 Play Together does not send game invites
Fixed! UE-38139 DX12 timestamp queries take a huge amount of memory (>1GB)
Fixed! UE-37793 RTDF shadows broken in Kite
Fixed! UE-38155 Fix D3D12 PSO caching pointers to TMap entries.
Fixed! UE-38079 Accessed None trying to read property SkeletalMesh1 in ContentExamples Animation level
Fixed! UE-38078 Thruster leaves its stage, and eventually leaves the entire level in ContentExamples Physics map
Fixed! UE-38099 Floor Textures in ContentExamples : Post Processing map, Samples 1.17, 1.18 are too small or non-existant
Fixed! UE-38064 3D widget in ContentExamples does not display properly
Fixed! UE-38266 BP_Commentary_Box warning - Attempted to access index 0 from array
Fixed! UE-38229 Content Examples UMG Warning - K2Node_CallFunction_3785 is deprecated
Fixed! UE-38205 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!FWeakObjectPtr::operator=() [weakobjectptr.cpp:28]
Fixed! UE-38007 Fixing up GoogleVRHMD static analysis warning
Fixed! UE-38072 Post present hook for FRHICustomPresent
Fixed! UE-32541 Crash when double clicking a level in Content Browser to open it
Fixed! UE-38002 Full Trigger Press Does Not Paint Foliage in VR Editor
Fixed! UE-38147 VR Editor Taking Input From Wrong Controller in Foliage Painting.
Fixed! UE-38190 OSX editor fails to run on "older" hardware

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub in the 'Bugs Reports' section.
(How to Report a Bug)
Hallo PCGH!

Ich will mein eigenes kleines Spiel erschaffen.

Die UE4 sieht sehr künstlerfreundlich aus, welche Erfahrungen konntet ihr diesbezüglich bereits machen?
Hallo PCGH!

Ich will mein eigenes kleines Spiel erschaffen.

Die UE4 sieht sehr künstlerfreundlich aus, welche Erfahrungen konntet ihr diesbezüglich bereits machen?
Kommt drauf an, wie viel Erfahrung du schon mit welchen Programmiersprachen gemacht hast.
Wenn du aus der Java-Ecke kommst, wäre die Unity-Engine wahrscheinlich besser geeignet,da diese C# verwendet. Wenn du aus der C-Ecke kommst, dann wäre die UE4 die beste Wahl, auch wenn du in dieser per Blueprints eine Menge machen kannst, ohne auch eine Programmiersprache gelernt zu haben (Die Grundstruktur einer solchen sollte man natürlich schon kennen ;)). Die Unity Engine bietet zwar auch per Plugin die Möglichkeit cpp Files einzubinden, wie sauber das ganze allerdings ist, kann ich nicht sagen.
Ich habe ein Semester C gehabt.

Mich interessiert aber eher das Blueprint System. Lässt sich damit gut was anstellen?
Es ist auf jeden Fall möglich, ein ganzes Spiel nur auf Basis von Blueprints zu basteln. Wie empfehlenswert das allerdings bei größeren Projekten ist (sowohl Komplexitäts- als auch Performancetechnisch) kann ich dir leider nicht sagen :(
Ich seh gerade, dass man mit 4.14 die LODs selber generieren kann.

Hats schon jemand ausprobiert? Ich meine sind die gecrunshten Modelle qualitätsmäßig mit denen von Simplygon vergleichbar?
Okay, ich habe hier dieses Monstrum an Engine vor mir sitzen und sehe weit und breit kein Ende und keinen Anfang.

Wie habt ihr angefangen? Gibts eine empfehlenswerte Tutorialserie zum Einstieg?
Das Problem bei Tutorials und Engines ist leider immer, dass sich manche Dinge grundlegend mit neuen Versionen ändern (Von Oberflächlich anderen Buttonpositionen, falls sie überhaupt noch noch vorhanden sind, bis hin zu völlig anderer Umgang mit bestimmten Konstruktionen in C++). Der erste Anlaufpunkt wäre wahrscheinlich für dich der Unreal Engine Kanal auf YT, dort gibt es ein paar Playlists mit Tutorials für einfache Spiele, aber leider noch für die UE4.7-4.9 (4.14 ist Aktuell) ;)
Danke für die Antwort!

Ja, habe das schon bemerkt. Viele Videos zu den Basics auf deren YT Kanal sind über 2 Jahre alt und die neueren Videos sind ziemlich speziell was Enginefeatures angeht.
Ich schätze die Basics Videos decken das meiste grob ab und sollten immer noch halbwegs nachmachbar sein?
Ja, habe das schon bemerkt. Viele Videos zu den Basics auf deren YT Kanal sind über 2 Jahre alt und die neueren Videos sind ziemlich speziell was Enginefeatures angeht.
Ich schätze die Basics Videos decken das meiste grob ab und sollten immer noch halbwegs nachmachbar sein?
Japp, das sollte so sein, vor allem wenn man mit Blueprints arbeitet sollte sich weniger verändert haben, als wenn man mit C++ arbeiten würde, da die API Änderungen meistens eher umfangreich ausfallen ;)

Ich hab angefangen etwas mit dem post processing rumzuspielen.

Weiß jemand, wie ich passende 8bit Texturen erzeugen könnte? Ich müsste irgendwie ein Rauschen generieren, das ich monochrom abwedle.
Sorry für die verspätete Meldung :ugly: Es gibt entsprechende Websites mit denen du 8-Bit Texturen erzeugen kannst, falls du sie nicht schon gefunden hast :P

Außerdem wurde soeben die UE 4.14.1 veröffentlicht mit folgendem Changelog:

The 4.14.1 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves over 50 issues with the 4.14 release.

Fixed in 4.14.1

Fixed! UE-35609 Delay nodes used in a macro cause subsequent macro calls during the delay to never complete
Fixed! UE-38690 Regression - Nested scene component subobjects are no longer being registered when the owning scene component is added to an existing Actor instance as an instanced component.
Fixed! UE-38835 Rename "Visual Studio '15'" to "Visual Studio 2017"
Fixed! UE-39298 UE4 and UnrealLightmass fail to build Module.SwarmInterface.cpp due to an error trying to open include file 'metahost.h' in SwarmInterface.cpp
Fixed! UE-39284 Running GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2017 completes with warnings
Fixed! UE-38898 UE4 is not compatible with Visual Studio 2017 RC
Fixed! UE-38604 PS4 Platform Staging copies debug files (not allowed)
Fixed! UE-38992 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FString::Mid() [unrealstring.h:1154]
Fixed! UE-37249 MallocPoisonProxy can result in a memory stomp for aligned allocations in Debug and Development
Fixed! UE-38991 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FUObjectAnnotationSparse<FBoolAnnotation,1>::AddAnnotation() [uobjectannotation.h:76]
Fixed! UE-38752 Cannot Delete Folder Containing Sub Folders from Content Browser
Fixed! UE-38721 Mouse cursor position is locked to center of screen when bShowMouseCursor is false
Fixed! UE-38599 User Defined Struct Editor Hides Long Variable Lists
Fixed! UE-38706 Dropdowns display incorrectly in non 1:1 zoom in BP on Mac and PC
Fixed! UE-38806 Potential fatal assert when using a custom MID with a TextRenderComponent
Fixed! UE-39059 No scrollbar in Structure UI
Fixed! UE-39198 Limited range of motion when controlling the camera view with the mouse
Fixed! UE-11796 Deleting folders in the Content Browser will not delete them permanently from Project Folder
Fixed! UE-38925 Reimport for a single FBX with multiple meshes will add all mesh pieces instead of the single mesh.
Fixed! UE-38935 Crash with FBX Import as Skeletal Mesh
Fixed! UE-38749 Pressing enter does not appear to activate OnClicked events in UMG When a button is focused
Fixed! UE-37698 Widgets can no longer take focus after clicking somewhere other than the widget itself
Fixed! UE-36766 Crash attempting to open an asset from Aim Offset graph in Persona
Fixed! UE-38811 Camera attached to a Spring Arm jitters when put at a +90 or -90 degree angle on the Y axis.
Fixed! UE-38906 Crash when streaming in a level with a child actor
Fixed! UE-38518 Animation Blueprint: Default values cannot be changed after compiling if node is currently selected
Fixed! UE-39197 Delay node of 0.0 causes crash
Fixed! UE-39137 Crash when Dragging Skeletal Mesh with Apex Clothing into Level
Fixed! UE-38998 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UMaterialInterface::GetBaseMaterial() [materialinterface.cpp:268]
Fixed! UE-38716 Physics are popping in Vehicle Advanced Template
Fixed! UE-38989 [CrashReport] PhysX3PROFILE_x64!physx::PxcDiscreteNarrowPhase() [pxcnpbatch.cpp:293]
Fixed! UE-38694 Landscape Grasstype warning causes log spam when landscape is streamed in or out
Fixed! UE-39278 Assertion failed: !LandscapeActor || LandscapeActor == Landscape
Fixed! UE-38900 Paper2d Plugin Content Missing from Content Browser
Fixed! UE-39120 ETC2 Android devices are no longer supported in the Google Play Store as of 4.14
Fixed! UE-37101 Xbox One: Issues updating texture subregions
Fixed! UE-35738 IPv6 implementation is not working on IOS
Fixed! UE-39420 QAGame crashes when launched onto Android
Fixed! UE-38709 Using Deferred Decal Material With Dbuffer Decal Enabled Crashes Editor
Fixed! UE-38223 Crash In Material Editor When Previewing A Node
Fixed! UE-39051 Engine crash when Scene Capture Component 2D is added to viewport with forward rendering
Fixed! UE-39123 Mac Editor crashes when opening Realistic Rendering sample - FMetalRHICommandContext::RHISetShaderUniformBuffer
Fixed! UE-38609 DFAO runs out of memory on xb1 (DX11 RHI) due to an RHI bug
Fixed! UE-38699 Material Expression comparison keys incorrect, produces duplicate code
Fixed! UE-38325 Tangent Update Feature Not Working
Fixed! UE-38768 Contact Shadow artifacts with ray lengths despite length
Fixed! UE-34264 Procedural Mesh Component Crashes on XB1
Fixed! UE-39132 Crash when adding actors to the level
Fixed! UE-38353 Crash while deleteing a UMG Animation Track referencing a deleted UMG asset with duplicated BSPs in-scene
Fixed! UE-39067 Oculus Touch controllers jitter when the gamethread runs quickly
Fixed! UE-39113 Post process material needs a full RT clear with hmd mask.
Fixed! UE-39122 Crash when Simulating in Editor after Painting Foliage
Fixed! UEVR-381 Interleaved Compositor: Execute init views before late update
Fixed! UEVR-379 Interleaved Compositor: Implementing Post-Present handoff
Fixed! UE-38670 New IsA() code can be thread-unsafe during saving

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide
Das erste Update im Jahr 2017 hört auf die Versionsnummer 4.14.2 und bietet folgendes Changelog ;)


The 4.14.2 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves a handful of important issues with the 4.14 release. It also includes the recent QFE "quick fix" to resolve a number of the crashes with the error message "Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')"

Known Issue: Users running in DX12 may experience a crash, "UE4Editor_D3D12RHI!FD3D12CommandListHandle::FD3D12CommandListData::Close()". Please update to the latest graphics drivers (376.33) if you experience this. UE-40115

Fixed in 4.14.2

Fixed! UE-39970 Stat FPS and other text rendering as blocks on android.
Fixed! UE-39650 Fix pause flags when recycling sound sources
Fixed! UE-39560 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!ACullDistanceVolume::CanBeAffectedByVolumes() [culldistancevolume.cpp:62]
Fixed! UE-39557 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Persona!FDelaunayTriangleGenerator::FlipTriangles() [sanimationblendspace.cpp:375]
Fixed! UE-39341 Compiling a blueprint with SetCollisionResponseToChannel Causes Crash
Fixed! UE-38818 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_D3D11RHI!TerminateOnDeviceRemoved() [d3d11util.cpp:176]
Fixed! UE-38772 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core.dylib!FThreadStats::FThreadStats()
Fixed! UE-38750 Imported Materials Are Not Assigned To Correct Element Index Based Off Mat ID (3dsMax)
Fixed! UE-38710 Vehicle physics are resolving erratically and causing random jitter/flips in the Advanced Vehicle Template

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide