12900K - bottleneck on low resolutions in WD Legion


Hi. I have 12900K stock

32 GB 2x16 GB DDR4 3600mhz

Rtx 3090 Ti

1300W Seasonic Platinum Prime

Windows 11 2H22. Updated new nvidia drivers.

I have issue on low resolutions 720P and 1080P in Watch Dogs Legion.

So my fps is the same on 720P and 1080P. Switching between resolutions my fps is the same,no performance change. Only gpu usage is changing. The same with DLSS. Switching between DLSS Quality and Performance not affect performance on 720P and 1080P. Only gpu usage is changing. I am somewhere bottlenecked or games issue?

I test 3dmark firestrike and here is normal. On 720P 350fps. On 1080P 250fps.

So scaling between cpu and gpu is broken in my pc,in Watch Dogs Legion.

But why i am bottlenecked? Bios is updated

I found test and on 12900K should be difference in this game between 720P and 1080P.Screens:




did you check if your RAM is working with the right Speed ? In CPU-Z 1800mhz shut be shown in the Memory Tab.
Make a Picture of your ingame Overlay in 1080p and in 720P maybe, we something you dont.


Just for test cpu. I playing on 1440P. So for 720P ,12900K is too slow? But why on reviews there was differences between 720P and 1080P? I added 2 screens


Because he is Testing with an Radeon GPU, this cards performer much better then Nvidia with lower Resultions.
Also sometimes CPUs are faster with Radeons.
Is REBAR Enabled on your System.
As Far as i know esspecially in the CPU Limit this makes Hugh Diffrenz


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So scaling between cpu and gpu is broken in my pc,in Watch Dogs Legion.
There is no such thing as "scaling between CPU and GPU".
A CPU will always generate the same amount of FPS in every resolution.
In higher resolutions the limit of the GPU kicks in, thats why the FPS become less.

PS: We're a german board, just to let you know :schief:


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We don't know. Because you do not feed us with your FPS/Settings in Watch Dogs Legion.
And do you Compare your 3D-Mark-Result with the 3D-Mark-Database? It tells you if everything works fine without us^^
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