Release Notes for iCUE 5.15.117


Corsair Staff
Hallo zusammen!

Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen, inkl. einem Link zum download.

Software Enhancements​

  • Resolved an issue that prevented firmware updates from starting during the prompt for a USB cable to be connected
  • Resolved an issue that prevents the border around the Macro Recording area from blinking during a macro recording session
  • Voicemod SDK is updated to the latest version – however, “Instant Censor Beep” and “Mute for Me On/Off” are temporarily disabled until they are re-implemented in the SDK
  • iCUE will no longer fully quit while there is an active window prompt
  • Improved the design for progress bars and their associated buttons
  • Modules can no longer be deleted for devices that are still connected to the system
  • Resolved an issue that caused temperature units to be displayed in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius by default
  • iCUE will no longer crash while switching profiles during a pointer hover on an icon in Key Assignments
  • Profile names will no longer be allowed to exceed 255 characters
  • Info panels in Device Memory Mode will no longer have a text cut-off
  • Resolved some user interface issues that caused improper scaling in some of the device panels
  • Resolved an issue that causes iCUE to hang during the saving process of a hardware profile
  • The following devices have been added for Govee Support:
    1. H610A Light Strips
    2. H61E1 Light Strips
    3. H61D3 Light Strips
    4. H6065 Y Light Bars
    5. H6047 Light Bars

HID Product Enhancements​

  • Additional notifications were added when saving multiple hardware profiles to a device
  • A notification has been added for devices that are out of space while saving a hardware profile
  • Added some improvements to Device Memory Mode to help with discarding changes
  • Improved the notification(s) shown in iCUE macOS for a headset’s first detection in iCUE
  • Pointer Speed and Enhance Pointer Precision have been removed for mice – users should enable/disable these features now through Windows Control Panel for pointer devices
  • Resolved a rare issue that caused Lighting Layers and/or Key Assignments to disappear after changing DPI settings and saving the hardware profile

DIY Product Enhancements​

  • Various issues were resolved with Device Memory Mode while saving images to LCD-supported devices
  • Switching profiles will no longer cause a lighting effect to be stuck for iCUE LINK ecosystem devices
  • Updated the HX1200i image to properly reflect the actual device

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