Release Notes for iCUE 5.8.130


Corsair Staff
Hallo zusammen!

Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen, inkl. einem Link zum download.

iCUE 5.8.130 Issues Resolved

Software Enhancements

  • Software and Games tab in iCUE settings have been combined into a new tab called SDK for better organization
  • CPUID has been updated to the latest SDK and further optimized for better performance on the system when iCUE is open
  • iCUE Home Sensors and Dashboard widgets will no longer randomly reset to default
  • Resolved a rare issue that causes the name of a lighting effect to appear incorrectly
HID Product Enhancements

  • Implemented Rapid Trigger customization for K70 MAX keyboards. Users will now be able to configure Rapid Trigger for any key or groups of keys. Please ensure you have also updated to the latest firmware on your device to enable this feature
  • Media keys assigned with Volume Up and/or Volume Down will now repeat on a long key press
  • K70 MAX will no longer cause a crash in iCUE when switching a profile through a secondary actuation
  • NEXUS will no longer display a black screen when replugging a Slipstream Receiver
DIY Product Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue with Commander Pro that prevented Custom Cooling presets from working properly
  • All LCD based devices now support screen rotation – you can find this option under Device Settings. For a future update, the LED ring will also match the orientation of the LCD screen
  • Improved the accuracy of wattage sensors for iCUE Digital PSUs
  • Default fan curves for QX fans have been improved
  • Time Warp lighting effect will no longer be affected after a firmware update
  • Resolved various issues related to Alerts for Cooling Devices
  • Improved the playback of certain lighting effects for the iCUE LINK GPU adapter
  • Resolved an issue that caused cooling presets to disappear after updating the firmware on the Commander Pro