Release Notes for iCUE 4.21.173


Corsair Staff
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Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen inkl. download.

Software Enhancements

  • Discord Certified headsets will now appear with a ‘Certified’ tag under Voice and Audio > Input Device / Output Device
  • Updated CPUID SDK to expand CPU and motherboard detection
  • Certain icons and tooltips have been improved for a better overall user experience
  • Numbers have been removed from duplicate devices of the same type but may still appear due to
  • firmware updates done with a hub – this will be fixed in a future release
  • iCUE will no longer be stuck if the user cancels a request to uninstall
  • iCUE installer window can now be dragged across different screens
  • Resolved an issue with the sliders associated with Scenes creation
  • Lighting Effects are now displayed in the same alphabetical order across all device types
  • Resolved various translation text errors

HID Product Enhancements​

  • Watercolor will now properly show the options for lighting customization
  • Holding down the Sniper button will no longer keep it depressed after the button release
  • The mute indicator on a keyboard will now properly turn off when mute is disabled while using iCUE
  • Resolved an issue with the Undo feature after recording a macro• The Audio Visualizer lighting effect for K100 now displays properly – this effect still requires a CORSAIR headset to display properly
  • Win Lock indicator no longer displays as ‘OFF’ on K57 if enabled
  • Resolved an issue with the toggle function for Nexus button remaps
  • Improved the scaling of the clock widget for Nexus
  • Text assignments will no longer disappear from Nexus on restart

DIY Product Enhancements​

  • The Turbo icon for Elite LCD Coolers has been updated
  • Resolved an issue with Lighting Effect – Visor not displaying properly on 8-LED fans
  • The 12V output on PSU is now properly labeled when using iCUE with Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages
  • Alerts tab for coolers will now properly enable Emergency Shutdown by default at 60 degrees Celsius
  • Updating GPU drivers will cause no longer cause an error with the Elite LCD display
  • Fixed the text spacing and size issues for Elite LCD when numbers only have three digits.
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