Low GPU usage on a 4090 in taiga lvl in Metro Exodus Enhanced.E-cores?

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Hi. I have 12900K stock

32 GB 2x16 GB DDR4 3600mhz

Palit Gamerock Pro OC rtx 4090

1300W Seasonic Platinum Prime

Aorus Elite DDR4 Z690

Windows 11 2H22. Updated new nvidia drivers.526.47

I am gettin issue on TAIGA lvl on 1440P,all ultra,RT ULTRA, no DLSS. In taiga in camps i have dips to 50% gpu usage. I

It's not v-sync or any kind of throttling/bottleneck ( i think its driver issue because it happens when i am looking at specific views and it dropping )

Someone said:"
12900 ks @ 5.4 ghz / 5.12 ring ( E cores off ! )
shuit your e cores off in bios the effcient cores they slow down alot of cpu bound games

i can pull over 250 fps in that level on ultra .

can u posta screen shot of the map and the exact spot your in wit ha scree nshot with the fps on screen and ill go the that spot and com pare show your exact video settings so i can reproduce it .

win 10 latest
12900 ks delided / relided @ 5.4 ghz all core / 5.1 ring cache
E cores off
32gb ddr4 @ 4133 mhz cl -15-15-15-35 gear 1 heavilty tightned timings
rtx 4090 gigabyte oc @ stock clocks 2790 mhz @ 0.975 v under volt
1000w psu not gen 3
1440p @ 270 hz 0.5 ms"

So is this sense to disable e cores on win11? But my 3dmark scores are fine and ok.
Enable Legacy Mode for eCores in UEFI. Press Scroll/Lock to verify ingame.
Takes you 60 Sec.

If you do not have.
Disable eCores in UEFI. Start the Game. Verify.
Takes you 2 Minutes at MOST. Its faster than type this whole story.


You can choose wich one is with ecores on and off.
And now I go kill me, because of my LOW USAGE^^

Or Maybe. I swith to EXTREME and or use the controls the game has.


Low GPU-Usage: User-Bottleneck.
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Hey. Meine pc:
8700K stock
2x8GB GSKILL 3000mhz ( XMP )
Corsair 750 i
Asus Z370 Pro Gaming

Über Nacht schalte ich den Strom vom Rechner
Starte ich den Rechner dann am nächsten Tag an, posted das System in den safemode und ich muss einmal mittels F1 ins BIOS und dann einfach Speichern und Neustarten, damit er die OC Einstellungen übernimmt (XMP). Er startet dann ganz normal durch.
Wenn ich den Strom über Nacht nicht weg nehme, kann ich den Rechner ohne Probleme starten.
Hat einer von Euch eine Idee, woran das liegen könnte?

Deutsch verlernt in den letzten knapp 5 Jahren?
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