Release Notes for iCUE 5.9.105


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Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen, inkl. einem Link zum download.

iCUE 5.9.105 Issues Resolved

Software Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue that causes iCUE to crash on startup
  • Resolved an issue with LS100 that causes iCUE to crash on device disconnect
  • Resolved a conflict with iCUE with devices missing a manufacturer label in the USB string
  • Improved the usability of vertical sliders when resizing the window
  • Moving the window across monitor screens during an iCUE installation will no longer result in a black bar
  • Resolved an issue with Launch Application that opens a folder instead of the application
  • Users can now remove device modules even when iCUE is not connected to the internet
  • Resolved an issue that causes other actions to be highlighted when assigning a modifier key
  • Users will no longer be able to remove a module while it is updating
  • Resolved various Dashboard bugs with adding and removing sensor widgets
  • Nanoleaf in Canvas will no longer cause iCUE to crash after pairing multiple devices
DIY Product Enhancements
  • The LED ring will now properly rotate with the LCD on all LCD-based coolers
  • Custom Fan Curves now properly work when used with various CPUID sensors
  • Removing a Custom Cooling Fan Curve will no longer cause all fans to revert to the Balanced preset
  • Hiding the graph for DIY devices will now properly work after an iCUE restart
  • Resolved a conflict with data shown in Alerts when users switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius
  • Voyager A1600 Cooler will no longer be shown as a Xeneon monitor
  • Device Settings will no longer be missing features after a firmware update on H100i ELITE LCD coolers
  • Custom Screen Preview will no longer show the wrong image with LINK LCD-based devices
  • Resolved various minor bugs with the LCD screen and image customization
  • DDR4 modules will no longer appear together with DDR5 modules (and vice versa)
  • iCUE will no longer show Vengeance PRO DRAM as a name if it has been replaced with DOMINATOR DRAM
HID Product Enhancements
  • Updated the hyperlink in the notification for DOLBY ATMOS
  • The front LED and light edge LED on GLAIVE mice will no longer play incorrectly in iCUE
  • M65 RGB PRO now properly saves hardware lighting to the device
  • Resolved an issue with text overrun with various languages that prevented users from saving a Hardware Profile
  • Resolved an issue that prevented “Disable Key if Lock Button is On” from functioning
  • The lighting playback is now properly synchronized between iCUE and the device for the Control Wheel tab
  • Resolved an issue with NEXUS when using Lighting Link
  • ENVISION PRO will no longer show battery status as Unknown at near-empty battery levels
  • Resolved an issue with audio devices crashing iCUE when switching from PlayStation to Multipoint Mode
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