Is my XBOX ONE X faulty? 2 shutdowns in Division 2


Hello dear peoples. I have an question about my XBOX ONE X. Bought it month ago ,from shop new.

I’ve noticed one time ,that if I leave the Division 2 idle for about a half hour or so the entire Xbox one x turns off. It’s definitely not something in the Xbox settings, is the only game that does that while being idle.Second time it shutted off when loading game on 14%.

During gameplay no problem.

It just shuts down,like pressing power button to off. And not any overheating message. Working fine again.

Also after shutdown there was not any error message,or any overheating message.

Tested also: Jedi Fallen Order,GEARS OF WAR 5,Metro Exodus not single shutdown.

Anyway should i rma console due that 2 shutdown events only in Division 2 ?