Wie wählt man ein Motherboard aus?

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Hello, I would like to know how all of you go about choosing a motherboard. Do you simply look for the connections at the back? Do you read reviews? Is choosing the right chipset important? Am I missing something?

I'm at a loss here with the options. I'm getting an Intel 12700K (LGA 1700) CPU and want to make an informed decision on buying a motherboard. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Why a 12700K? There is already a 13600K with more L2 Cache.
In addition to the points you mentioned, I would also look at whether the board has debug LEDs, do you need front USB-C, how is the PCI-E lane / S-ATA splitting (manual)?
A bios flashback function without CPU is not wrong either.

Should the CPU be overclocked? Then you need a Z-board.
Otherwise, a B-board is also sufficient.
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