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Weird crash and after moment system restarted on 9900K and 2080 Ti.


Monitor:AORUS AD27QD

Cpu: i7-9900K stock 4.7 with Noctua NH-D15

Gpu: Rtx 2080 Ti Aorus Xtreme Waterforce ( stock no oc,temps max 63C on load )

Ram: 32gb 2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000MHZ XMP

Psu: Seasonic Ultra Prime Titanium 850W

mb: Asus Prime Z390-A

SSD: Crucial 1TB


Case: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Hello. I bought GPU in october 2019. All was super smooth,stable,no issues. I left many games running for hours without crash or restart. But............

Yesterday i left Metro Exodus when i go to work for 12 hours. When i back to home game was still running,fine. But when i click EXIT to main menu,monitor goes black screen and game crashed with display driver crash. After moment and after crash when i was on Windows 10 idle,pc restarted itself ( kernel 41 ). And now its fine again.

My question is GPU OR PSU get overheated ?

I clicked exit to main menu and it crashed to windows with display driver crash.

Second event. After crash i was in Windows 10 and out of the blue, after 2-3 minutes pc just restarted. So why pc restarted itself? PSU ?


PSU is 2 months old.

Should i worry?

Just simply. After 12 hours i clicked ESC and exit to main menu,it crashed to desktop with driver crash. And after 2-3 minutes system from desktop just restarted out of the blue with Kernel-41.No Bsod.

And now its fine again. Weird?!


Just a simple driver crash... wouldnt worry for now at all if the system runs stable in game etc.


After reboot i open event log and see only KERNEL-POWER 41 log. No bugcheck. So it was something like power cut,because i dont saw a bugcheck code.

But i found this in windows/livekernel..../ win32kbase.sys
It appeared 5 minutes before reboot. And my question is. It was that bsod ?

win32kbase.sys appeared on time: 20:18:05

Reboot was 20:22:10.




Like i said there was not bugcheck in event log. Only win32kbase.sys in windows dump folder. So it was related to that reboot that file or not?


Have you a Board with intel Wifi? Check the memory of errors with prime 95 i think the memory have a problem.
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