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Hat das Spiel eine FPS Limiter? Mit meinem Sys komme ich nicht über 64FPS hinaus. VGA und CPU sind laut EVGA PrecisionX undTaskmanager bei halber Auslastung und im Treiber habe ich kein Limit eingestellt.


Hab's gefunden, der Ingame Limiter Stand im Menü zwar auf "aus", war aber eigentlich auf 60Hz (resultiert in 64/65 FPS) eingestellt. Einmal im Menü auf 60Hz, dann auf "aus" und er ist wirklich aus.
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Man war das ein langer Weg zur Arbeit.

Aber schon geil, dass es so eine Station gibt :D


Kokü-Junkie (m/w)
Jup ist schon cool was die alles mit reinfließen gelassen haben :D
Hab z.B. auch schon ne Station zu ehren von Heisenberg gefunden ^^


Kokü-Junkie (m/w)
Die kompletten Patchnotes dazu würden mich mal interessieren, habe bisher irgendwie nur die des neusten Updates gesehen :ugly:
Bin aber zu Faul das ganze Game nur fürn Testserver nochmal zu laden.


Kokü-Junkie (m/w)
Die Patchnotes sind aber nur das was zusätzlich noch gefixt wird, außer dem was sie bereits änderten oder? Sonst wäre das etwas wenig.


Die Patchnotes sind aber nur das was zusätzlich noch gefixt wird, außer dem was sie bereits änderten oder? Sonst wäre das etwas wenig.

Richtig. Für alle Patchnotes die 3 Links am Ende das Posts anklicken. Ich hau sie aber hier noch mit rein


- Community Goals added
- Route planning extended to 1,000 ly
- Russian language translations added
- Add 'Discovered by' tag to system map - needs to be surfaced scanned
- Fancy new gas giant shader
- City lights on inhabited planets
- Pilots Federation rank decals
- Parallax shader for cloud layer on terrestrial planets
- Add explored system details on the right hand side of the cartographics shop
- Top benefactors support added to system map


- Prevent shadow manager trying to unregister view nodes that it never registered
- Fix a crash caused by systems with stations only orbiting non-habitable planets
- In the safety checking of the start location, make sure the body we are trying to load at exists, if it doesn't start around the largest star instead
- Prevent crash when generating star textures on low end hardware
- Prevent crash in the targetting system
- Fix possible crash entering capital ship scenarios
- Fix file load hardlock
- Fix potential crash in tutorials
- Fix a crash where limpet's parent exists but not fully created
- Don't crash when the AI looks up a ship state
- Fix crash selecting decal in livery
- Prevent softlock when a mission is progressing as a location transfer occurs


- French and German translations updated
- Fixed incorrect masses for C3 beam weapons
- Added in LOD levels for the holographic guide markers on the landing pads. This should fix the issues with the guides vanishing randomly since
there should always now be some mesh to render regardless of what LOD the parent hanger is set at
- Fix AI issues at high frame rates
- Ensure that bounty checks for correct faction
- Some optimisations for performance is busy network conditions
- Correctly scale companion stars with large in system map if they are children of a common centre of gravity
- Optimise route planner
- Skybox stars now know if they're in/behind a nebula and fade out accordingly
- When an NPC kills the player, report any claimed bounties to the webserver so they can be cleared; clear relevant bounties on client
- Fixes for some issues with docking computer:
- Slow down when on final part of descent to pad, to avoid damage; if station is rotating the chosen speed has to be greater than the rotational
velocity at the pad
- Fix some issues on outposts with the chosen point above the pad being inside or too close to the bounding volume of the outpost
- Allow NPCs to travel faster in the first stage of moving to an outpost
- Ensure NPCs ignore outposts as obstacles when in final descent
- Fixes to stop awkward ships like the Python from hovering over the pad while docking, because they aren't trying to get close enough
- Improvements to getting NPCs to leave a crowded station when player is denied docking permission
- Fix issues where 3D anaconda and Orca ship schematics clip parts of the UI
- Prevent GUI colour rotation from affecting the galaxy map
- Expanded news-item text can now scroll
- Rebalanced shield strengths at different pip levels to make those levels useful
- Fixed a random number 9 floating near Natural Fabrics commodity at Dobrovolski Station CM
- Remove sparkles on asteroids when rendering to Oculus Rift, as they have been found uncomfortable for Rift users
- Fix for movies not being rendered with the appropriate size when side-by-side rendering is enabled
- Added a chevron to the landing pad schematics to help indicate the direction that a player's ship should be facing when docking
- Rebalanced shield cells to take more power, have less ammo and cost more per unit than before
- Lowered the ammo count and increased the cost per unit for Chaff Launcher
- Added chevrons to pad schematics to indicate direction player should face when landing
- Increased Federal capital ship heat relay health
- As neutron stars have their radii saved in km, not Suns, use the black hole size method for them in the galaxy map
- Added missing mass lock components to ships that needed it - such as the Imperial Clipper
- Remove term 'medium' from Type 7 description to prevent players thinking it will land on a medium pad
- Fixing some areas of the Coriolis' collision mesh including those which were causing some aiming issues with the station's defences
- Correct consumed by string for Marine Equipment
- Put exoplanets Kepler 438 b and 442 b into the correct star systems
- Art and collision fixes for criminal outposts
- Fix for the asteroids on the radar spinning too quickly
- Tweaks to Prism system economy and faction
- Fix for the mass-lock sphere visualisation not fading off when outside of the radar bounds
- Art and collision fixes for commercial outposts
- AI ships seem to sometimes be orienting incorrectly fixed
- Tweaked flight model for Orca
- Fix for number of steps in the orbit lines
- NPCs shouldn't be able to use FSD with hardpoints deployed
- Art and collision fixes for science outposts
- Fixes for Galaxy Map searches:
- Fixed it only accepting a lowercase character for 1 part of the search.
- Also fixed it setting the final number in a name to 0
- Fix the case of missing black hole effects when three are in a system and forces background stars to render when the visible distortion is very high
- Fix the texture values on the mining laser heatsinks so that they don't colour pop when deploying
- Fix the rare background brightness curve popping between low luminosity stars.
- Add a 'planning route' graphic to cover the loading of the plot
- Make sure that an AI follows a player into their session after an interdiction
- Removed stray particle effect from beam laser muzzle - was never supposed to be there!
- Realigned lens flares that were not in the right places on weapon muzzles
- Weapon impacts improved
- Weapon impacts on player improved- Explosion glitches fixed
- Allowed supplemental devices to be used. They count as PCPads (for example independent throttles, custom control panels)
- Fixes to Ammunition (cannon trails and empire laser bolt light inner range)
- Toggle focus mode never reaches right panel fixed
- Fixed incorrect size limits on the sensors of the Imperial Clipper
- Lowered speed, manoeuvrability and shield strength on Python
- When rendering planets set a shader parameter for the planet's radius. This allows shaders to produce consistent results when rendering in miniature
form in the system map
- Fix Terrestrial_Volcanic planets not showing their schematic
- Atmosphere shader optimisations
- Removed stray muzzle particle effects from pulse lasers
- Changes for various backer names stations
- Added Supersampling menu options
- Removed collisions from station doors to fix an issue of some ships crashing while docking
- Drive lens flares should now stay within sane brightness values
- Fix for the galaxy map not responding to changing options
- Add the Repairable component to several modules that otherwise couldn't be repaired by AFM modules. Discovery scanners, Detail scanners and
Thrusters are all now repairable in the field
- Fix some missing system descriptions
- Collision damage update:
- Damage is now calculated at both ends and each apply half, it should no longer be possible for one party to miraculously escape undamaged from
a collision
- Changed the mass/velocity to damage calculation, it should now be more consistent and harder to damage large ships with small ones, even at
high speed
- Store whether the system map was entered from galaxy map or cockpit, and invoke appropriate transition out back to the previous state
- Notice when route finder fails to find a route and replace the progress spinner with unavailable route text
- When generating scenarios that lie outside the containment area of their body, update the address to be relative to the correct parent (the same one ships will use if they drop into those scenarios). Most noticable when unable to stay in nav beacon scenarios near a close binary pair of stars
- Implement sort by Mass, Power Draw and Name for outfitting items
- Star temperature used for driving colours clamped to sensible range based on Harvard and Yerkes classification
- Interdiction can be a Crime
- Extended the hitcheck out to included the Fed Fighter's engines
- Extended the hitcheck out to include the Federal capital ship's main engines
- Shadow fixes for various ships
- Headlights balanced. Now slightly more useful in an asteroid field. Larger ships with larger lights have stronger beams
- NPC chatter line added when police interdict a player
- Don't just consider combat rank when determining AI rank
- Stop AI miners from mining empty space
- Fix 'nearby bounty' so it include local minor factions
- Dumbfire missiles can now be shot down by PD weapons
- Allow axis input to control scanner zoom level
- Have different combat bond values for each ship type
- Performance improvement for galaxy map after route has been generated
- Put Cygni X-1 Black hole in the right location
- Improved light behaviour on station exterior
- Eagle art fixes
- Automated turret fire shouldn’t aggro non-hostile ships
- Make AI use turrets correctly, and ignore the default
- Fix the barrels on guns spanning back to the identity position when they stop spinning
- When the player accidentally hits an AI ship damage is accumulated. If a threshold is exceeded (by multiple hits or a powerful weapon like a rail-run), the ship turns hostile. The AI ship will "forget" the damage before it turns hostile:
1) if the AI ship recharges its shield to 100%.
2) if a (currently 30 sec) timer runs out.
- Make the system apply to stations as well.
- Large lateral thrusters now have settings consistent with small and medium thrusters. Balanced lighting and fade in/out durations
- Federal Fighter art fixes
- If a ship is scanned by the police and they discover that it has a bounty, don't turn the station hostile, just get the police to attack
- It's possible that players could get docking offences stuck on even when they were no longer causing offence now fixed
- When AI ships are starting docked don't do the hyperspace-in effect
- Fixed the incorrect engine stats so they give the appropriate benefit
- When a large planet is converted into a star, clamp the spin speed so that it cant spin too fast as planets and stars follow different rules
- Fix generated system name mismatch that was causing missions to fail
- Use localised faction names in the galaxy map
- Station menu now shows the local major faction rather than the system major faction
- Fix for star lens flares appearing through planets
- Fix floating station names and text on station surfaces
- Sort the commodity screen trade data drop-down menu alphabetically
- Decreased damage modifier from for missile weapons against shields
- Lowered hardness piercing stat on explosive missiles to make them less effective against larger ships
- Prevent cargo duplication
- Allowing gravitational distortion effects around white dwarves and neutron stars
- Fixed light range on the class2_B retro drives so that it doesn't light up the Adder cockpit, also moved the lens flare offset so it's actually visible
- Tweak Python collision to make cargo scooping a bit easier
- Decal colouration fix for the Viper's Mercenary paintjob
- Fix some artifacts when close to the surface as the position of the vertices changes with different levels of tessellation
- Heat generated from weapons fire is now increased based on how empty the weapon cooling system is
- Shield cells generate heat while charging
- Abort the docking process if the station becomes hostile during it
- Clear boost state when docked
- Don't scan if the advanced scanner module is disabled
- Landing pad numbers now consistently numbered front-to-back then clockwise in stations (in other words, bones 0 and 12 swapped over, so that pads 1 and 13 are now in their correct places). Also checked Outposts and fixed pad numbers there too, so that the medium pad is always the highest pad number
- Balancing pass on Plasma Point Defence
- Balancing pass on dumbfire weapons
- Rebalanced heat gain in certain weapons (Beam laser, Missile Rack, ECM, Chaff, Plasma Accelerator, Pulse Laser)
- Supercruise lens flares now smaller when close to them
- More detail and softer/more subtle sun rays in star lens flare
- Fix the landing gear disappearing when retracted on the Eagle, which leaves a hole in the ship
- Rebalanced boost heat amounts as they were all set to 10 when that was only appropriate for the sidewinder
- Add starport to BU 741
- Increased ammo for the top range shield cell banks slightly
- New improved torpedo explosion effect
- "Seeking Luxuries" Rarer in boom states
- Improve AI behaviour if they get trapped in station structures
- Turreted weapons Set to Target Only will no longer fail to fire if you aim at a subsystem
- Point defense turrets can no longer cause aggro or commit crimes on your behalf
- Turrets will now check if their line of sight is blocked before firing, should drastically reduce accidentaly hits
- Turret weapons set to Target Only will now obey the correct range limit and not waste ammo when out of range
- Added in interdiction chatter lines
- Federal Dropship art fixes
- Turn on the aim-blocked checking for all weapons set in a Fire at Will or Target only mode
- Up the rate of damage the python receives from overheating
- Increase the timer before dishing out a bounty for trepassing in a station to 90 seconds from 30. People in big heavy ships should be able to avoid being killed for that mistake
- Refraction particles now only visible when FX quality setting is set to high
- Spark and most debris particles now disabled in low FX quality setting.
- Added star class filter to the galaxy map
- Prevent infinite stream of pirates in extraction zones
- Set up Distance Based Lodding for explosions
- Added a new "ultra" shadow quality, a replacement "medium" with one extra cascade, and replaced the existing "low" with the old "medium"
- "California Sector IR-W D1-26" no longer requires non-existent permits to visit
- Increase player arrival distance in capital ship scenarios
- Fix when you had confirmation window that your group had been created where was no focus on it
- Fix when you attempted to disband your group but chosen "cancel" in confirmation window for this action you'd have disband button still greyed out
- Attacking ships wanted by the local jurisdiction doesn't necessarily incur the rep hit
- Fix where the message log would say you've claimed a ship's local bounty when you didn't because you haven't basic-scanned it
- Ice planets optimised and improved visually
- Tweaks for hanger cameras for various ships
- Pending states in the system status panel dissapear after viewing and then viewing a faction that does not have a pending state fixed
- Players cannot press "B" on an xbox pad to exit the commodities market while the "galactic average" tab is highlighted fixed
- Exiting game during combat has an infinite spinning 0 timer icon at the end of the countdown fixed
- Tweaks to reduce stuttering around planets caused by surface texture generation
- Optimisations for particle effect management
- Reduced the glow scale on the medium thrusters so they don't clip through the ships
- Added some extra logging to track down voice comms issues
- When you target a sub-target of a ship, the sub-target GUI displays incorrectly
- Show stored ships in the correct locations
- Rename the duplicate 12 Aquarii system to Bentonio
- Adjusted shadow max frustum distances up a little so that high/ultra settings manage to encompass station during drop from supercruise
- All ships now rebalanced to work with new gui lighting set up. Emergency lights and chair lighting have been standardised across ships
- The UI focus mode toggle button closes the chat pane if you wait a few seconds when it is selected fixed
- Make low influence minor factions able to generate missions at a comparable rate to influential minor factions
- Atmosphere colour and intensity tweaked for gas giants and reduced saturation of neon atmospheres
- Fix a mistake in the English version of the description for type II gas giants, it had been replaced by the description for type III gas giants
- Fixed searching for stations, it now correctly cycles between all systems that contain a station with that name
- Also fixed searching using generated system names so that it only matches systems that have that name, rather than also matching to authored systems
- Reputation in the mission summary screen now includes the contribution from the major faction
- Restored missing Founders World permits from some Commanders who have reached the rank of Elite in Combat, Trading or Exploration
- Fix a bug stopping newly created Commanders' names from appearing in the Comms Panel during the first few minutes of their career

- Under construction station has dedicated ambience and spot sound effects.
- Renamed dynamic range modes and further tweaked the volume curves, please keep providing us with feedback as we’re still working on improving these.
- Added a new BOOST dynamic range mode that is intended to offer a good compromise between industry standard reference volume (normal) and louder mixed games.
- Centre channel is now used for some positional audio such as other ships, cockpit blowout, GUI etc.
- Improved audio on Docking Bay Lifts and panels.
- New music added to Exploration.
- “Power Plant Capacity exceeded” - voice and sfx warnings added.
- Support for muting "Engage" ship voice alert.
- New audio for the “First to Discover” notification.
- Landing gear audio re-implemented: now matches each ships’ deploy and stow animation.

- Additional audio for when entering Supercruise/Hyperspace.
- Supercruise engines and music now interact much nicer.
- Improved feedback of engine/masslock in supercruise.
- Brought back the hyperspace tunnel flybys and detail sounds, with new implementation. Previously removed to fix render issues.
- Balanced boost stress noises.
- Cockpit blowout sequence remixed to fix clipping.
- Mixpass on docking sequence audio.
- Remixed force field audio for when using larger ships or flying at lower speed, to fix clipping issues.
- Mixpass on hardpoint stow and deploy animations.
- Increased volume of cargo bay door opening, when launching drones.
- Added more debris and shockwave content to Explosions.
- Reduced fire-rate of the small multicannon to differentiate it from the medium one.
- BeamLaser/PulseLaser on others will change according to energy capacity. Helps in identifying an opponent’s remaining power on weapons.
- Unified volumes and fixed issues on Asp, Cobra, Orca, Empire Clipper, Python, Anaconda, Type6, Type 7 and Type 9.
- Arrival music should be more audible now.
- Mixpass on gui for consistent behaviour across various game areas.
- Mixpass on the Station Menu ambiences.
- Sounds for adding a Sensor or FSD Interdictor in outfitting.
- Sell sound added to outfitting.
- Station menu is positional now to follow head tracking movement.
- Mixpass on Galaxy/System Map for consistent volume and effects.
- Collision and Navigational warnings now better respond to distance and speed and will be more audible in dangerous situations.
- Mixpass on cargo scoop gui.
- More variation added when selling items in Stellar Cartography.
- Galaxymap crossing of the grid is slightly more audible.
- Galaxy and system map musical elements in ambiences are now controlled by music slider and sfx elements by sfx slider.

- Fixed many performance and mixing issues.
- Fixed bug that would cut off Exploration music prematurely.
- Fixed clicks in Python assets.
- Fixed an issue with reverbs in the stations.
- Fixed a bug that would spam physics audio on friction, causing drop outs.
- Fixed clicking in the multicannon.
- Fixed clicking in the beam laser.
- Fixed bug in system map on out-of-focus state always playing Jovian Gasgiant ambience.
- Fixed in game music playing during the menus instead of menu music in some situations.
- Fixed medium turreted beam lasers from not stopping correctly.
- Fixed a bug that would double fade the stellar ambiences.
- Fixed several ship voice related bugs.
- Fixed missing Jovian Planet Ambiences in system map.
- Fixed hard-panning of Python engines when wearing headphones.

- Fix crash in outfitting when items aren't ready for use
- Prevent crash with bad data in ship state
- Avoid crash when calculating the star light curve near a black hole
- Don't reactivate dormant bounties/fines when attacking wanted targets
- Updated localisation strings for all languages
- Fix an issue with joysticks axises bound to headlook would mask the axis for pitch and roll when headlook was active
- Fixed mission summary screen major faction icon formatting
- Made community goal 'Sign Up' option easier to find
- Fixed some incorrect station prototypes
- Add text strings for station construction prototypes
- Simplify exploration data purchase a bit, and fix finance bug when player has >2^32 credits
- Implemented explored system details on the right hand side of the cartographic shop (and pop up box work)
- Remove seeking luxuries for now
- Fix some cannon ammos in some loadouts that had incorrect ammo item names
- Fix the medium missile rack firing backwards
- Audio – Tentative fix for audio break up near starports
- Audio – Fix for shooting debris with beam lasers causing audio break up
- Audio – fix for very loud station arrival music
- Audio – Fixed the alert sound that hangs in supercruise
- Audio – fix for stuttering multi-cannon issue
- Audio – fix for very loud ambience in system map
- Audio – Fix for player ships not having reverb in starports
- Audio – fixed planet and ship flybys in supercruise causing clipping
Client Changes:

- Prevent F12 crashing the game with certain third party software
- Fix landing pad holograms from disappearing during environment map capture
- Fix FSD charge sequence being silent after returning from the galaxy map
- The credit value displayed on the Cartography congratulations screen is too close to the system name fixed
- On the First Founder Congratulation sceen only the bonus is displayed and not the total value that you get fixed
- Prevent fragments of the battlecruiser floating in space before the ship arrives
- Move test for roaming station

Server Changes:

- Add support for the Crimson Eagle paint job for owners of the Mercenary Edition
- Sorted out the difference between founders and backers decals
- Fix the first discovered by bonus when selling exploration data from scanning supermassive bodies
- Fix some commodities not being available for sale from markets run by minor factions with different laws to those that control the starsytem


Es gibt auch einen offiziellen Version 1.1 Trailer
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Kokü-Junkie (m/w)
Der Patch ist insgesamt ja einfach mal GIGANTISCH :D

Ich frage mich aber immer noch wann wir das neue Gruppensystem und das eine Gratisschiff bekommen :devil:


Ich habe es jetzt auch mal angetestet und muss sagen das erste was mir aufgefallen ist, war der nochmals verbesserte Sound. Einfach Überwältigend wie meine ASP jetzt brummt. Ebenso wie es nun klingt wenn man sich im Supercruise einem Planeten nähert ist fantastisch. :daumen:

Auch die Routenplanung in der Galaxymap geht rasend schnell im Vergleich zu vorher. Da war ich wirklich total (positiv) überrascht! :hail:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Heute gab es einen neuen Newsletter mit vielen neuen Infos (auch zu den neuen Schiffen:hail:) und ich habe mal die wichtigsten Sachen rausgeschrieben:

- Zum einen wird es eine "Mercenary Edition" in digitaler Form wie auch als boxed Version geben. Was darin besonderes enthalten sein wird dürfte demnächst bekannt gemacht werden.

- Es wurde im Zuge der Version 1.1 die der Möglichkeit erwähnt beim Bau einer neuen Station zu helfen und der Spieler welcher den größten Beitrag dazu leistet darf dieser einen Namen geben.

- Auch wurde verkündet das erst 0,000223% (895.135 Systeme) der Milchstraße von Spielern erforscht wurde!!! Und NEIN ich habe das Komma nicht falsch gesetzt.

- Eines der neuen Schiffe trägt den Namen Fer-da-Lance und wird in der Version 1.2 enthalten sein:

- Die 1.1 Version ist nun vollständig in Deutsch, Französisch und Russisch spielbar

Dann mal guten Flug:daumen:



Kokü-Junkie (m/w)
Wie im letzten Newsletter erwähnt erscheint ja bald Update 1.3 mit den Wings. Hat dann nicht evtl. mal jemand Lust gemeinsam auf die Jagd zu gehen? Sofern der Handel/aufteilbare Bountys dann auch mit hinzukommen. :ugly:
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