RivaTuner 2.05 released


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Soeben wurde der RT 2.05 released und ist hier erhältlich:


Der Link auf guru3d.com folgt sobald bekannt. Die wohl bedeutendste Änderung ist die Einführung eines Schiebereglers für die getrennte Einstellung des Shadertaktes für Forcewaretreiber.

Hier ein Übersicht der release notes:

Minor bugfixes:

- Fixed I2C write routine for ATI R600 graphics processors family, which has been erroneously commented the previous version's source code.
- Minor UI and localization fixes.

What's new:

- Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 163.69 and 163.71.
- Improved driver-level overclocking module for NVIDIA display adapters:
- Added new user interface for independent G8x GPU family shader clock control interfaces of the ForceWare 163.67 and newer drivers. New UI includes:
- New independent slider for adjusting shader domain clock.
- New "Link clocks" option allows you to use either traditional shader/ROP clock ratio based overclocking or completely asynchronous shader/ROP clock overclocking. Now you may either tick "Link clocks" options and adjust ROP clock only, allowing RivaTuner to overclock shader domain using VGA BIOS default shader/ROP clock ratio similar to pre-163.67 drivers, or untick "Link clocks" options and adjust domain clocks fully independently.
- New overclocking profile format supporting independent shader clocks. Please take a note that old overclocking profiles are not supported by RivaTuner, so you must recreate previously existing overclocking profiles.
- Previously available power user oriented ShaderClockRatio registry entry is now obsolete and it no longer exists in RivaTuner's database. Previously available ratio based shader domain overclocking functionality is now fully covered by new independent shader clock slider and new "Link clocks" option.
- New user interface is provided by default under ForceWare 163.67 and newer drivers under Windows Vista, however Windows XP owners can also force Vista specific overclocking interfaces usage by setting NVAPIUsageBehaviour to 1. If needed, shader clock control can be forcibly disabled and old traditional overclocking module UI appearance can be forced by setting NVAPIShaderClockControl to 0.
- Power user oriented adjustable minimum and maximum clock slider limits have been expanded from 25%-300% to 10%-800%.
- Added experimental SLI overclocking for Vista. Please take a note that I have no SLI rig for testing and development, so this feature has been added blindly and RivaTuner still doesn't provide official SLI support.
- Minor UI changes and improvements.