Release Notes for iCUE 5.6.97


Corsair Staff
Hallo zusammen!

Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen, inkl. einem Link zum download.

Software Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue with some text not being translated in the Installer
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the installation process from starting if a different language is selected
  • Resolved an issue that prevented some modules from being deleted
  • Icons will no longer be skewed after deleting a profile with a custom image
  • iCUE will no longer crash upon waking up from sleep if “Monitor Screen” is selected as a Mural
  • Removing favorited Murals will no longer cause the device layout to reset to default
  • iCUE for macOS will now properly uninstall
  • Profile icon images will no longer be blurred in Murals
  • Additional GPU sensors are now available for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards
  • SoundID plugin has been updated
HID Product Enhancements

iCUE NEXUS and VOYAGER laptop users will now be able to assign different colors to both the text and the graph for their sensors

DIY Product Enhancements

  • Users with CORSAIR DDR4 memory that has corrupted SPD values from a previous iCUE bug will be notified in the software to proceed with an RMA exchange to resolve the issue
  • iCUE LINK Hydro Coolers predefined curve presets for custom cooling now matches the actual curve data for the Quiet/Balance/Extreme presets
  • Lighting Setup and Device Settings are now available as tabs for the iCUE LINK System Hub
  • iCUE will no longer crash if “Add to Home” option is used for Commander Core XT sensors in the Dashboard
Wie steht es mit den monitoring aus wenn die software mal kein bock hat. Oder irgend was anderes probleme macht. Ist ne einzelfall bei mir aber nun ja kann damit leben.
Wo mit ich meine schwirigkeiten habe ist ob Icue entlich linux support hat?
Monitoring unter Windows funktioniert anders als unter Linux. Das beutetet, wenn du mehrere Apps verwendest, die auf die Sensoren zugreifen, kann das iCUE stören.

Ein direkten Linux Support bieten wir nicht, dafür im Zusammenspiel mit ChromOS