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Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen.

Modular Installation With the latest update to iCUE, we have changed how iCUE will be installed and updated. With iCUE’s new modular infrastructure, it will no longer consist of a single large package. Instead, users will be downloading a very small installer that, when started, will uninstall existing versions of iCUE and automate the downloading and installation of the nessesary modules.

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To address the previous experience of iCUE having a large footprint (3+ GB), we have streamlined the experience by only installing what is required to support your products. For example, if iCUE only detects a K100 RGB Air Wireless keyboard, then the software will only download two modules: iCUE Core and the K100 RGB Air Wireless module.

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As a result, iCUE will no longer need to host the files to support products you currently do not own yet and will now only take up a fraction of the hard drive space compared to previous versions. If in the future, you add more iCUE products for your setup, iCUE will automatically detect them and install the additional modules you need for the products to be fully supported. Users will also be able to choose and installspecific third-party plugins from our partners that share our ecosystem.

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After this update, iCUE will no longer require a complete uninstallation and installation of the software. Instead, you will only be prompted to update if there are changes to your modules or if you have new products that are supported in iCUE. We are confident that this change to iCUE will make our platform flexible and efficient, as we continue to both improve the features in the software and make your experience a memorable one.

Software Enhancements​

  • Dashboard sensors and plugins are now available on demand only as part of the new modular feature of iCUE
  • Resolved various bugs with iCUE Murals and improved the Murals Wizard
  • Murals now has a “Send to Back” option when stacking device images on top of one another
  • The coolant temp widget is no longer disabled when an Alert is triggered
  • Retrying firmware updates through notifications will now properly restart the firmware update process
  • Resolved an issue with scrolling when the pointer is hovering over the bottom of the Home screen
  • Sensors and Fan widgets are no longer shown in random order on the Dashboard
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Key Assignments from being assigned to keys after the Clear feature was used

HID Product Enhancements​

  • K100 AIR and K65 MINI RGB will no longer cause a crash when creating a lighting effect from the Library while the devices are in wireless mode
  • K65 MINI RGB will now properly show a tilda (~) when FN+Shift+Esc is pressed
  • Resolved issues with Retain Original Key Output and Disable Key if Lock Button is On for certain keys for K65 MINI RGB
  • Resolved an issue that prevented iCUE from detecting the keyboard on Voyager laptops


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