Release Notes for iCUE 4.22.203


Corsair Staff
Hallo zusammen,

Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen inkl. download.

Software Enhancements​

  • Privacy Tab has been added to Settings
  • Fixed an issue that caused Philips Hue to crash iCUE when enabled
  • Fixed the LT100 tower names in Quick Lighting Zone
  • K100’s Control Wheel will no longer have its lighting impacted by polling rate changes
  • Resolved text overflow issues with certain translations
  • Resolved some issues with customizing custom Scenes
  • NVIDIA 3080 Ti Founders Edition is now supported in iCUE
  • The following legacy devices are now supported in iCUE 4:
  2. SABRE RGB Optical
  3. SABRE RGB Laser
  5. VOID Surround
  6. VOID Wireless

HID Product Enhancements​

  • NEXUS Actions assigned with a sound file will no longer crash when triggered• Resolved an issue with the Brightness bar on M65 RGB ELITE
  • Resolved an issue with users being able to create lighting effect layers beyond what Hardware Lighting can support per device
  • Fixed Quick Lighting Zone for RGB DRAM so users can properly select each module
  • Show Tutorial Tooltips will now only show on Lighting Node Pro when LC100 is selected as a device
  • Resolved some issues with the FN key on K65 RGB MINI
  • Improved the image scaling when customizing NEXUS buttons

DIY Product Enhancements​

  • Resolved some errors with our Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) translations for PSUs
  • Resolved an issue with Infinity and Color Wave Lighting Effects playback on 8-LED fans
  • Resolved an issue with Visor Lighting Effect and Lighting Link playback on 8-LED fans
  • The position of custom images and gifs on Elite LCD will now properly save when switching between images

Known Issues​

  • There is a rare issue with the mouse being stuck in one direction when using the respective FN key shortcuts (FN + W/A/S/D) for K65 RGB MINI
  • iCUE can crash when copying hardware profiles on hardware playback supported keyboards – this will be resolved in the next release
  • Commander Core may detect the wrong number of fans using autodetect – this will be resolved in the next release