Release Notes for iCUE 4.20.169


Corsair Staff

Software Enhancements​

  • The ASUS Integration now has a lighting effect assigned by default
  • Resolved an issue with the Color Wheel showing the wrong color after an edit
  • Resolved an issue with Lighting Link working improperly with Windows 11
  • Lighting Link > Temperature will no longer have an empty dropdown for sensor selection

HID Product Enhancements​

  • KATAR PRO WIRELESS now supports 2000hz polling rate. A firmware update is required to see this option under Device Settings Polling Rate
  • Polling Rate and Lift Height will now show as “Unavailable” if the device is not found or powered off
  • Assigning Volume Up to a volume wheel will no longer result in Volume Down
  • Changing the brightness on K100 will now properly affect the Control Wheel LED lighting
  • Nexus background image editing will scale the image properly now
  • Users can now properly remove the background image for a button on the Nexus
  • Resolved an issue with selecting a font through the dropdown list on Nexus
  • M65 ULTRA will now properly show the default lift height as Low
  • Hardware Lighting will now be properly saved to the device for Harpoon RGB and Harpoon PRO RGB

DIY Product Enhancements​

  • XC5 PRO and XC8 PRO have been added to Lighting Setup for iCUE controllers
  • XD7 fan curve has been updated
  • When closing the Screen Settings window, users will now be able to recall it back
  • Alerts > Trigger all RGB LEDs now llight all devices in iCUE
  • Cooling Sensor value will no longer overlap when “One Day” is selected as the interval
  • Cooling tab units will now properly switch to Fahrenheit if toggled
  • Holding down the left click on the iCUE title bar will no longer cause Elite LCD screen animation to stop playing
  • Lighting Effect – Infinity will now properly play on 8-LED series fans