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IMMENSITY - Open -World-Spiel von deutschem Entwickler auf Kickstarter


Auf Kickstarter findet man seit dem 25. November das Spiel "IMMENSITY one moment"

Es basiert auf der Cryengine und bietet unter anderem:

- Offene Spielwelt,
- Fahrzeuge, Waffen, zerstörbare Umgebung
- Multiplayer
- dynamisches Wetter
- jedes Gebäude ist begehbar

Insolitumsoft (der Hersteller) beschreibt die Story folgendermaßen:
While the whole world strives for new discoveries, inventions and exploration of the space, and the people live in the peaceful and democratic countries with full freedom and the right of choice, there is undistinguished and seemingly quiet and unnoticeable and maybe a happy region.But if you lift the curtain of the small country located in the subtropics, then it opens the reverse side of the ideal world, which has been without attention of international community for many years , as a result, because of such negligence and inaction of the authorities and, possibly, with their help, unusually beautiful town, tourist island with ancient and mysterious history, turned into a disastrous and livable place.The main towns run by large companies leading the struggle for power, but all of this is controlled by one large company "SHFA" - well-known pharmaceutical and a charity company. The largest firms use cheap local slave force in its industry, the priority is the production of a large number of psychological medications and drugs. The local residents began to fight back, but against them were put forward the mercenaries to put down a resistance. All the dissatisfied people have been waiting for an execution or a sale to other places as a slave, because local prisons were overcrowded. Many peoples have gone into the catacombs and the old abandoned mines, preparing a new uprising. The mercenaries did not meddle in the old mines and catacombs, because of large losses. The remaining tenants monitored the situation and notify everyone who was under the ground. The part of the city was very attractive and very beautiful, to great effect there is well developed tourism in these places. But the rest of the town was cordoned off by the high and massive wall. The tourists were assured of the conduct of excavations and research that will be able to explain how and where some nation appeared and when, in fact a person appeared. Part of this is true, but all of it helps to divert attention. Our main character is a co-pilot of the cargo plane of the "SHFA", on the same flight. Once again, our unsuspecting protagonist was flying on his flight but his was shot down by the locals to undermine the activities of local companies. After the crash he got into the thick of things.

In the future, everything will depend on your actions and decisions.

The local residents create their own groups, and the whole gang, they co-operate together. Everyone has his own interests, but they are united by the struggle for freedom.

Einen Trailer gibt es hier:

Das Spiel ist ab 15€ auf Kickstarter erhältlich unter:

Für mich sieht es aus wie eine Mischung aus GTA und Just Cause. Merkwürdig erscheint mir, dass der Entwickler weder auf seiner Homepage noch auf Facebook ein Impressum besitzt.


Gibt es eigentlich sowas wie Kickstarter Scams?
Sind die Regeln für das erstellen von Kampagnen straff genug und werden von irgendjemandem geprüft?


Klar gibt es die. De facto kann das Geld irgendwann weg sein weil man nie das fertige Produkt bekommt.
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