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1.42 volts with <70°c ???


1.42 volts with <70°c ???

Hey, I started overclocking my i5 6600k today on my MSI z170a gaming pro carbon, cooled by my 2x 140mm all in one water-cooling system.

I started by using the "game boost" feature given by my motherboard, which clocks it at 4.1GHz @ 1.320v. this seemed really high to me, but since my temperatures (stressed) are below 60°c I didn't really worry.

Then I increased the clock to 4.5 GHz (still at 1.320v). This was the highest clock I could reach with 1.320v. I stressed it 20 min with prime95 (large FFTs) and it seemed stable, at 4.6 GHz my 4th core crashed.

Then, according to a yt tutorial I increased the vcore (leaving the core speed at 4.5ghz) until I got 70°c. This is where it gets weird: I increased the voltage to 1.38 and still had 68°c max. So I increased it further. At 1.4ghz I reached 70 degrees for the 1st time (peak).

I then did some research and figured that the Skylake gen (6th), is known for high voltage requirements. So I increased the voltage to 1.42v and turned my radiator fans to max. speed. The result: 69°c PEAK. Leaving it at above 1.4 v seemed to risky for me, so I went back at 1.38v.

Then I instead tried increasing the clock. But this also seems a little weird to me: at 1.4v I can't get even increase the clock by 100 MHz (that would be 4.6 ghz) while stressing it.

I read that other people got their 6600k to 4.7 or even 4.9 ghz without having to increase the vcore over 1.4v

It really isn't about that extra 200 mhz for me I just want to know what's the problem and if I can fix it. If you know what I did wrong or why this Happens PLEASE HELP.


bin übrigens deutsch, hab das so auf reddit gepostet damits jeder versteht :)


AW: 1.42 volts with <70°c ???

Ja, schön, hättest du es wenigstens auf Russisch schreiben können, dann hätte ich evtl helfen können.


AW: 1.42 volts with <70°c ???

Jede CPU ist ein Unikat. Wenn deine unabhängig der Spannung "nur" bis 4,5 GHz taktet, ist das so und du wirst damit leben müssen ;)
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