AMD Deneb - long winter nights on Phenom II



maybe it is good to start my own "teaser collection" on my good old Foxconn A79(A)-S and P05 Bios as I just passed 32m 210 HTT 3.9 gig on air. All results are with no ACC as it is not needed anymore. Hoping for a bios update to get HT Link 1.0 Support for more LN2 (with currently 1320 MHZ I was able to go down to -160°C)

3.3 gig undervolted and running wprime1024 (it passed but so you can see load temps)

Wprime1024 with only +0.1V on 3.8gig quickly - time is not too bad I can tell you :)

4 gig 32m without ACC and some voltage. So far I remark a good scaling.

4 gig 1m 1.44V CPU :p:

235 HTT 1m (225 will do it for 32m)

To be continued :cool:

DICE screenshots

quick 32m here - it goes higher until 1.7V. for more LN2 would be good, this likes cold as hell. I am running against a wall around 5 gig but still awesome 🆙

validation not possible again like on my old Phenom :mad:
CPU-Z Validator 3.0

LN2 Screenshots

Validations are finally working!!!! TY CPUz-Support :D

CPU-Z Validator 3.0

some more ln2 plz?! :D

is that a deneb at this pot?!

Oben Unten