Release Notes for iCUE v4.19.191


Corsair Staff
Patch für die iCUE Version 4.19.191

Ihr könnt die aktuelle Version von iCUE hier downloaden.

Software Enhancements​

  • The ASUS Integration now has a lighting effect assigned by default
  • Duplicate devices on the Home Page will no longer have numbers in their naming
  • Graph scaling has been improved when adjusting the window size
  • The home screen now has additional tooltips on hover
  • Hover on the search bar will now display the correct text
  • Resolved an issue with Action – Launch Application improperly defaulting to the first app
  • Resolved an issue with the opacity slider for Scenes
  • Resolved an issue with Key Assignments when switching between 2 different keys
  • Macro Action – Action Repeat will no longer require users to input a higher value first

HID Product Enhancements​

  • SABRE PRO WIRELESS On-the-fly DPI now saves properly, if adjusted, before launching iCUE
  • Improved the performance of the K65 MIINI RGB’s Mouse Speed through the FN key combination
  • Resolved an issue with K55 RGB improperly showing duplicate tabs when changing the layout
  • Resolved an issue with VIRTUOSO XT Lighting Effects on macOS M1 platforms
  • Improved some minor issues related to NEXUS Macro Assignments
  • G-Key Remap for NEXUS no longer defaults to the A key

DIY Product Enhancements​

  • DRAM lighting playback should no longer stops playing dynamically when configuring lighting effects
  • LT100 tower numbering will now properly start with Tower 1 instead of Tower 2
  • Resolved some text spacing issues with LT100’s Setup Wizard
  • Resolved a scrolling text issue with ELITE LCD’s Fade Fill effect
  • ELITE LCD image has been updated to show Liquid Temp instead of CPU Temp for the hardware screen lighting device image to match what is on the device
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