nhancer u nd neuste Nvidia Treiber 166.71 (oder so)

Sorry, ganz konkret heißt es das was unten steht (ohne Trick, ohne was), allerdings wird nhancer nicht ausdrücklich erwähnt (er wäre imho ein "tool like..."):

Ive just analyzed overclocking interfaces of recently released 163.71 drivers and found some interesting things:

1) NVIDIA returned old good proportional ROP/shader domain overclocking with these drivers. Now any overclocking application, which _does_not_ support new shader domain clock control features, overclocks both ROP and shader domains synchronically just like all pre-163.69 drivers. So now you can also overclock systems to your old pre-163.69 clocks with the tools like ATITool, PowerStrip and nTune without facing clock limitation due to clock asynchrony. However, if the application supports new shader clock control interfaces (like RivaTuner 2.04 and newer) it will be also able to control domain clocks completely independently. It is definitively a good step from NVIDIA side, it will stop endless I cannot overclock my GTS higher than 594MHz with new drivers discussions in different forums. I guess I can now add a PowerUser entry, allowing users to disable shader clock control support at all. So youll be able to use independent or linked shader control with new UI, as well as disable shader control support completely and return UI to pre-163.67 state (just a single core clock slider) if you wish.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Ich konnte nur so antworten, da Du nur geschrieben hast, dass der nhancer nicht mehr funktioniert. Ich weiß weder, welchen Treiber oder welches Betriebssystem Du verwendest, also gar nichts.

Wenn es ein Treiberproblem war, kann nhancer mit 163.71 möglicherweise wieder funktionieren, so der Inhalt des Textes. Ich verwende nhancer nicht, also probiere ich es nicht. Das musst Du bitte selbst tun.