AM3 Mainboard with Athlon X4, defect PCIe Graphic slot switch for what?


PC with AM3 Motherboard, AthlonX4, 12GB DDR3, actually X3 but motherboard has function to unlock core, which I use and overclock (I don´t use)
using internal graphics so far. But now I want better graphics performance which is not possible because PCIe slot is not working (I tested with ok old Card).
I play mainly age of wonders III, which so far just is running ok at full hd and min graphics settings, with GPU limit.

I bought 4k TV and want to play AOWIII on it (upscaled Full HD, but full graphics setting)
Bought a GTX1050Ti, maybe oversized, but I may run up to 3 different Displays, 2 of them 4k in future, and card can handle that. And needs few power and is silent.

Clearly Motherboard needs to be exchanged. Don´t want to spend to much money however, not in short run nor in long run, maximum I´would spend now is 270€. I plan migrating to newer case, new Power Supply and WIN10 later, not now; Budget: 200€; Iconsider moving to CPU FX8300 or Pentium 4560 soon/now.
I really with my current PC is: it has 3 optical drives, 2 IDE and 1 SATA. One of main uses of PC is ripping my audio CD using EAC into FLAC and converting them to mp3.
My experience is: different CD have Errors in different drives and actually the older drives seem to produce less errors. So I would like to keep the 3 drive solution at least until I have ripped all CD´s I own now. I read costumer feedback on IDE<->SATA Adapters and it was not encouraging.

1) buing used AM3 / AM3+ motherboard, preferably with core unlocker, preferably IDE and preferably internal graphics - price? maybe up to 25.
2) I bought new AM3+ MB with IDE but, no core unlocker no internal graphics but consider to return it (need to decide within 10 days); price 55; Didn´t think that I actually might get less CPU Power than now. Also would like to be able to use MB without Graphic card; consider CPU upgrade to FXX8300 - 100€ - but I don´t like: large money into dead + poerhungry platform
3) suggestion for new AM3+ MB with: DDR3, IDE, core unlocker, internal Graphics?, well if exists; then it costs more than the MB I bought
4) Intel 1151 MB with DDR3 (internal graphics, but no IDE + Pentium G4560: 125€ - cheaper than MB I bought + FX8300, less power, I checked and found no S1151 MB with IDE
5) 1161MB, 16GB DDR4, G4560: 270€
6) wait for Rizen 3, maybe some competitor for G4560 arrives in price and performance, but selling basically same Chip but much more artificially crippled Chip at 1/3 of Rizen1400 and at 1/8 of 1800X which Is what can AMD do up to rizen1300 release, then AM4 MB, 16GB, Rizen3 would be 270€ too

well difficult...

Well AMD shut really look to make G4560 competitor

any tips for reuse of the 2 IDE optical drives? USB<->IDE, external?


Ja, Entschuldigung. War parallel in nem englischen Forum und oops passiert.
Habe mir mal die Kundenrezessionen zu PCIe IDE Karten durchgelesen und auch den Eindruck gewonnen, das das vielversprechender ist als die SATA<->IDE Adapterlösung. Danke für den Tip.
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