Vrvana Totem Mixed Reality HMD Prototype: Beyond Expectations

1280 x 1440 pro Auge und 120° FOV klingen nicht schlecht, wenn sie dann auch noch die 90Hz Displays bekommen könnte es was werden

das große Problem ist zur Zeit die geringe Stückzahl und der damit verbundene Preis:
The Totem is launching as an enterprise solution because large scale businesses can afford to pay the high price for low production hardware.
Nepveu said that it's possible to bring the costs down enough to sell for $400-500, but that would require the production of millions of units.
Vrvana doesn't have the capital to produce millions of units, but the company is considering a license model that would allow an established hardware
manufacturer to bring the Totem to the consumer market with "powered by Vrvana" branding.

Vrvana already sold the pre-production run of 50 units. The first units are going to automotive, simulation, and amusement park clients, but Nepveu
said that if you have an exciting enough project, there might be space for more. Be prepared for the sticker shock, though; Vrvana asks $5,000 for
the early Totem HMD units.