Kleine Info:

Habe grade eine E-Mail bekommen für den ersten Test!

Our first Tech Alpha build is just about ready for testing! If you are interested in participating in the upcoming Tech Alpha release,
please be sure to go to the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website, sign into the Insider Area, and follow the registration link to the survey.
Bei mir sind die Microsoft Server für den Insider Login Überlastet...
Nach dem 10. versuch kam ich durch, aber alles lädt sehr langsam

Eine NDA gibt es natürlich auch:

  1. Do not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game.
  2. Do not post photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game on any venue.
  3. Do not describe any part of the Game on any venue unless we've instructed you to.
  4. Do not allow others to watch you play the Game.
  5. Do not leave the Game running unattended.